Give Yourself a Make Over While Sitting On the Couch

Yes I may have been missing the past couple of days.

That is because I stumbled upon this cool website that made it so easy to try a virtual make over.  I have seen these sites before but this is the first time I have really given this a try and it was great.  You can easily check out so many different hair styles from short to long, curly to straight. Actually the reason that I came across this website was because I was checking out different hairstyle images around the web.

This website was so  easy to operate and you do not have to open an account unless you want to save your look that you create. So for free you can just download  a suitable image of yourself and you are away.

For the image you use it is best to have your hair pulled back off your face if you are able. I did not have a suitable photo. But I did find a family  photo that I just had to edit , crop and resize and it did work.

Once you have found a hairstyle that you really like the look of you can then continue with your make over, by trying your hairstyle in a range of different hair colour’s from black to blond.

Once you have the hairstyle you like you can easily then start trying different makeup  blends and colour’s from foundation, concealer and blush to eye shadows, eyelashes and lips. Brilliant.

You can continue to add accessories if you like.

Amazing your very own make over with the click of a mouse.

Make up

This is one way of maybe finding the perfect look for you and then you can action your new look by actually having the haircut, colour and wearing the makeup that looked so good in your online makeover. It may in the very least give you an idea if you are considering a new hairstyle.

I mentioned before that I have come across these websites before and you may have already tried one. But I thought I would just share this website in my post especially for my readers,  as I did find it really good and it really costs nothing to have a play with your look.

Here is the website I used for my virtual make over Click Here

Of course I have just spent the last couple of days trying on every hairstyle and colour. I found a couple of different styles I quite liked so at least I have an idea for when I visit the hairdresser.

Oh how the internet can be fun.

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