suitcases-159590_640Great Your Off On Holiday It is just so exciting especially when holidays are far and few. Some of us pack a week before and others hours before. Then there are those who pack several times worried they have forgotten something or because they can’t zip  up the case, you know what they say about us ladies packing  everything including the  kitchen sink.

So lets see if we can share ideas and tips to make packing easy.

Here Is My List. Please feel free to add your Tips via comment form at the bottom.

  • Sit down with pen and paper and write a list of what you will need.
  • Lay clean clothes and other items out on bed first.
  • You can place clothes in groups A set for each day  or choose garments that you can mix and match well for other days.
  • Find clothes that wash/dry  easy and never need ironing and outfits you can dress up or down.
  • Select comfortable shoes that are suited to the climate and that fit in with different outfits and occasions.
  • Take at least one nice dress and shoes for a special evening.  (incase)
  • Buy small travel bottles of the shampoo etc that you like and a small toothpaste etc This makes a lot more room in your case.
  • Take 2 swimsuits so when one is wet you can use the other.
  • Don’t forget , meds ,make , suntan lotion and items and accessories you can’t do with out.
  • If flying and if you are allowed to take medication on hand luggage incase your suitcase goes missing.
  • Keep your passport , booking papers and money on you for safe keeping and so you don’t forget them..
  • Use locks on the bag, and colour tape or ribbons on the handle,  so you easily locate it on the carousel if flying or on public transport. Label bags well.
  • Take a pen and if needed  reading glasses in handbag too.
  • Put in another bag that you can pack flat if you are going to do lots of shopping to make it easy to bring more stuff home.


Well that’s it but of cause if you are heading for a cold climate you will need a bigger suitcase for warmer clothes. I am just assuming that we all love to sit under a palm tree and sip cocktails. Imagine if we all liked the same holiday’s.


Don’t forget to comment and share your useful tips  that help you when getting ready for  a holiday.












































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