Start Your Saving From Today

As Women we are often left to balance the weekly budget.

I am sure we all have thought of some great ways to save and this is a great place to share your ideas with others. Comment your savings tips below this post to help readers who find their way to this page and we can all become great savers.

You have to be focused and dedicated to become a good saver. You also need to always be thinking  of new ways to cut costs. Luckily there are things that we can do to make a difference.

Make some changes starting today to begin making a difference to your budget.


  • Water- Refill water bottles at home so you are not buying drinks out. Fill them the night before so they are cool and ready to take out the next day.
  • Lunch- Prep  your lunch instead of buying it. This will work out so much cheaper so you will already be making a savings.
  • Leftovers- Don’t waste food. Plan your meals around the ingredients you have. Use up leftovers or freeze what can be frozen for another day.
  • Power- Turn off lights at night that are not needed and switch off power points when not in use.
  • Washing- Use a cold wash where you can to save on running costs.
  • Shop Savvy- Do one shop instead of lots little shops. Shop the basics instead ready made pre packaged foods and cook your own. Keep  an eye on products on the top shelf and very bottom of the grocery store as they are often cheaper brands or store brands and they are fine and  just as good as the more expensive brands.Buy specials, use coupons, and look for super deals or seasonal deals that can be bought in bulk and preserved, stored or frozen. Always be looking for the cheaper or good deals but be mindful also of the weight. Sometime things seem heaps cheaper but  it may be because there are way less in a packet or the item is much lighter in weight. Don’t shop when you are hungry.
  • Grow Your Own-Grow your own veges if possible and even plant some fruit trees or miniature fruit trees.
  • Bills- Automatically pay your bills in small weekly instalments.
  • Car- Cut running costs. Share transport or walk more where ever possible.


Other Things you can do to Save

There are lots of ways to keep everyday costs down. When it comes to make a savings here are some other things you could do.

  • Pack a Picnic- On a family day out instead buying expensive fast food.
  • Go With Out- Sometimes we have to make sacrifices especially if we have a savings goal and we want to meet it.
  • Cut Up The Credit Card- Yep learn to live with out it.
  • Buy Second Hand- It is easy these days with online auction sites. Look for like new quality second hand instead od purchasing new.

You Can Help

Share your savings tip via comment below. Love to find some new ideas that can help all of us make a saving.


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