perfume-1378619326CYHWhen It Comes To Perfume


Maybe it is really about which note you play.For a key recipe  perfume is seen to be segmented into 3 Notes.

  • Head Notes or Top Notes- The strong leader that impacts your first impression.. That sharp immediate scent when you first sample a new Perfume.
  • Middle Notes –Follow through invading the main volume of the Perfume.
  • Base Note – The final punch with it’s sometimes harder, deeper  scent. Marrying up with the thick middle tone to create the overall final effect and with the strength to  leave that final  long lingering after tone.

Now all we need to do is work out which scents we like or maybe even more importantly which scent fits us. Suits our Personality. Lets look at the list of scents

  • Floral –This could be the  scent of any Flower, carnations, roses liliess.  Perhaps saved for the sweet and innocent. Often chosen as a gift for Mothers and Grandmothers  Also  there is the Floral Bouquet which combines beautiful scents of a range of different flowers.
  • Oriental-This covers a group of interesting scents. A seductive mix of Amber, Musk. Often has a hint of incense and spice with even a touch of Vanilla combined with the scents of handpicked Flowers. perhaps perfect for the mysterious  Women.
  • Woody-For the earthy tones in you Sandalwood, Cedar wood, Patchouli and all things Earthy and Woody.
  • Spicy –This is how it sounds. All things spicy, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cloves etc  with such a range of  yummy scents  and sometimes with a hint of sweet or even a sharp sprinkle of pepper.
  • Leather- You see this sometimes in Men’s aftershave or scent. A rich and intriguing scent. The rich scent of leather mingled with Tobacco scents and even Honey tones.


Then there are Scents that have been introduced in more recent years.

  • Green- Scents again inspired by nature leaves and grasses. The freshness of cucumber even.
  • Citrus – The freshening edge of Citrus mix for a spike in energy
  • Oceanic- For a breath of fresh air in the Ocean Breeze
  • Fruity- The strong scent of strawberries and sweet fruits. perhaps for a first ever Perfume.


Which Scent Is For You?

You may already have a preferred scent.

Perfumes are made up of any combination of scents played through the 3 tones. If you are naturally an earthy person you may like a combination of Woody and Spice or even Oriental and Woody or even with a hint of citrus.

A sporty energised person may prefer Citrus and Oriental or Spicy Combination. But really it is entirely up to your preference and the best way to find out what you like is to try different Perfumes at the shop.




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