How time sneaks up on you

and you may never believe  this is going to happen to you but actually it is more common than you think. I would not have believed this if it had not recently happened to me.

Here’s My Story

I was average at school.

My best grades were always in Art, Home Economics and English, particularly writing. I was never an A student. Back then University, in our family anyway, was a no go unless you were an A student.

Starting out in the work force too early.

Find a job and do it now was my advice at 16 so I did.  First as a Nurse Aid of which in reality should have sent me on to nursing and I wish it had but the old matron was a very scary boss and I soon took flight.

Next I moved into training as a Toll Operator and  then onto   working as a Telephonist for a Finance Company. Jobs came and went and I gained a wealth of knowledge in a range of occupations while often working as a part timer around school hours, but there was  no qualifications or paper work to help me with future employment especially later in life. After working in an office for 11 years life took an unexpected  tumble when I was made redundant. Suddenly there I was late 40s and out of work. Well guess what. Seems that no matter how many jobs you apply for you just either  get the silent treatment or the ” Thanks for applying we are sorry but” email and yes I have had my share of those emails.

You start to scrape by with what ever jobs you can pick up low paid  kitchen work, cleaning but not the jobs that will offer a stable future..

This all becomes very discouraging and I have read many similar stories on forums and in community groups. Is it the age or do you just have to apply for hundreds of jobs before you finally get one? In NZ anyway.

So as I often do on this blog I am going to research any  tips or good ideas that may just swing the ball back into my court and your court if you are in the same boat.

For me anyway it is time to find a solution

First I would like to say that at 50 you have so much to give. You are still young, fun and great to work with. You have so much to offer and can be  valuable to any employer.

Tips I have found that may help you too

  • Go Overboard and send your CV out to every job that is suited to you. Even if you don’t have all of the qualities they seek. As long as you have most of them you may have more than all the others that apply.
  • Clean up your CV simplify it and make it look fresh and clean. You could try  having  it cleaned up by a professional perhaps an investment that may pay off. They say simple mistakes like spelling in CVs can loose you a job.
  • The Age Factor a good idea to leave out your DOB on your CV. This is a lesson I have only recently learnt and may have cost me a number of jobs.
  • Deliver Your CV If the job is local then walk straight in to the workplace and deliver it personally. Confidence and that gorgeous smile could put you out in front.
  • Cover Letter Learn how to write a winning cover letter. Read the job ad carefully incase they specify details to include in the cover letter.
  • Keep your chin up This is the hardest thing that I have encountered. It is very easy to feel worn down after many let downs. Stay strong and don’t stop from applying.
  • Up Skill Do free courses online while you are at a loose end. Many courses that you can do have certificates so that is only going to be a bonus.
  • Consider Starting up a business on your own.  I personally like this idea.  This is a good way of putting  your attention, experience and enthusiasm into a positive  future for yourself that you can control and be the boss of. Also gives you a more flexible lifestyle.

Other Helpful ideas and tips  Other          Ideas

  • Advertise yourself for work. Try local job sites and also your local community job face book page if there is one.
  • Show up in person to businesses and let people know you are looking for work.
  • Log your email with job sites to get new jobs sent direct to your email.
  • Gain courses that really may sway the decision your way. If you have an up to date certificate in Health and Safety or First Aid cert you may stand out in the lead.

The internet makes it easy to be up to date with the latest jobs available in your area. Looking for a good and honest home business to enable you to start out on your own is not so easy. The huge tempting work from home businesses  on offer, the good and the bad ones take some time to work your way through. Before you commit to anything search and read reviews first to help avoid the bad ones.


We would love to hear your experiences and maybe you have some tips to offer that worked for you.. Share with a comment ..


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