Fashion Ideas For Blending Comfortable into winter.


This post is for those of you who are now starring down the barrel of winter as we are in NZ. Some people actually like the cooler weather when others of us find  the cold to be limiting  and at times  even uncomfortable.

It is a bit like those cold winter  nights when you are  going out and even when you have to get your glad rags on you do it a little reluctantly and with a shiver or two.

Your house may have a cool draft, lack any daytime sun and store the dampness and cold just to point winter out to you but at least we can rug up, layer up and choose some simple everyday fashion items to keep us cozy day or night. Dressing to beat the cold is only common sense really.

Prepare Your Wardrobe for Winter.

Staying Warm

To combat the cooler months you need to arm yourself. The following are some warm ideas to gather around you. Here is my list of comfort gear.

  • Wonderful warm scarves So valuable and lovely to wear. The good old woollen scarf should never lose its fashion class with colours abound to suit your tastes. Perhaps the last item you grab for when leaving the house but the scarf is such a good way to keep yourself  warm and comfortable. Having a nice selection to enjoy almost makes winter fun.
  • Socks, tights , leggings. If your feet are cold then staying warm will be a challenge especially in winter. If you are prone to cold feet you need to give them special attention. Again you can not beat wool for warmth and comfort. Then there are thermal socks and  possum socks or merino socks or even 2 pairs of socks if need be or tights and socks what ever it takes don’t let your feet get cold. You could also try putting sheepskin soles in your shoes.Foot spas in the winter are a great help too.
  • Tunic warm winter tops are the best. Wear a thermal singlet or top underneath then layer up as needed for the ultimate warmth. If you end up too hot it is easy to peel off a layer or two. The longer tunic style keeps you back warm and keeps out drafts and offers confidence and  comfort to wear.
  • Thick warm winter waistcoat Padded, woolen, sheepskin lined or waterproof. Waistcoats not only add interest and  style to what you are wearing but also help cut the cold chill from penetrating through the layers. Go for waterproof and you have a little more protection if you get caught off guard in one of the winter squalls.
  • The Jacket You have to love the jacket we all love jackets and how cosy they can be. Enjoy the longer jacket, thick and warmly lined so you are armed against that cold. Woollen jackets are also very useful in the winter months especially in the evenings.
  • The warm hat I always say if your feet and head are warm you will cope so much better. Warm women’s beanies look fantastic on a cold winters day and are perfect with a matching scarf and gloves.
  • Pants Choose warmer materials over jeans maybe for warmth and comfort or if you like to wear dresses and skirts just wear tights and leggings underneath and long boots so you are ready to tackle winter.
  • Gloves Although not always easy to keep gloves on if using your hands but while out walking or driving in really cold weather warm gloves are a must.


Beat the winter boredom by knitting or crocheting your very own warm and cosy winter scarf.

Scarves are a great way to take up knitting or crochet. In the end you have a great fashion accessory.

Get Started Many of us played around with knitting when we were young so you already have the general skill to get started. Just decide how wide you want your scarf and work with that with a stich of your choice. There are many very good websites offering instruction and free patterns for both crochet and knitting of scarves.

Tip- By chance I found a way to make a nice scarf even with limited crocheting experience and no pattern. This way it is very difficult to go wrong. even if you make a mistake with a stich or two along the way. I used feather wool. I enjoyed the winter evenings crocheting. I made up a stitch and followed it backwards and forwards until the scarf was long enough. You just can’t see any mistakes with the feather wool honestly .Nice to wear too.

My Crochet Feather Scarf


At home

To stay warm I say layer up  with lots of warm socks and slippers. You may be lucky and have a warm house but if not you will end up relying on what you wear. Wrap up and go for a walk if it gets you down you will be amazed at how much warmer and better you will feel after exercise.

If we are prepared with the right gear we will all be able to embrace the winter months ahead.

Other tips that  may help you stay warmer

Buy slightly larger boots or shoes to be able to wear thick warm socks.

Keep gloves and a hat on hand incase the winter chills move in.

Put clothes in hot water cub board the night before.

Heat lamps are great in the bathroom.

Let the  sun in house were ever you can.  Pull the curtains trim the trees.

Rugs and hotties do wonders  in the cold.


Share Your Tips and Help Other Readers

How do you survive the winter months where you are. Do you have some warm fashion tips? Share here.

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