How can you make coffee at your house a special event?

I had to ask myself this question as I have been in the habit of just offering cheap instant sachet coffee and in general coffee  mugs ( not even a matching set ) just like you would find in any average staff lunchroom. Nothing special at all. I often wonder if I should just put a little more effort in to giving my  visitors something a little more special. The weird part of my boring  and basic coffee method is that it does not stop people visiting. I guess the concern would be by  extending my efforts to becoming “miss coffee amazing” could mean tons more visitors and a lot more time brewing  coffee but then what is life all about if not for sharing time with family and friends.

coffee time

So what makes amazing coffee? I have come up with a list of ideas?

  • Aroma
  • Method
  • Taste
  • Quality
  • Presentation
  • Variety in choice
  • Originality
  • Organic
  • Home grown.

All of the above are going to make my coffee stand out from the cheap instant sachet. So even if I can adopt one or two of the above then I am on the improve. It is time to go and research the above to see what is available and then share my findings with you.


Lets start with my findings

  • Aroma – Ok it seems that the darker and fresher the beans the richer the aroma. So if you buy fresh roasted beans and grind them yourself you should also have the bonus of a rich and strong aroma. I did read that Brazilian coffee has a good aroma if you are looking for a less expensive option. Of course the trick is to find a coffee with a good rich and nice aroma that has the flavor to match. Trial and error may be the way forward here. It could be fun trying different tastes and variety’s.
  • Method – Depending on how you go about creating your coffee masterpiece will depend on the method you choose. There is also other factors to consider like how much room you have in your kitchen, cost etc. The methods I have found are easy enough to check out with a range of options and gadgets. In the past  I have used a simple plunger to make coffee but these have been out shined by a range of specially designed home coffee machines. These range in price and size so you need to take the time to check them out before  making a decision to which one is right for you and your kitchen . The good news for myself is that I have also come across methods to brew coffee that do not need to plug in. With limited room and power points in my kitchen this is good for me. I will be looking for a device that siphons the coffee through. It may look like a chemistry lab but I am sure my friends will find it entertaining all the same.

    Research then pick your method
  • Taste – This is really the most important on my list. The final product has to be palatable or there is simply no point. The only way to find the best coffee for you is to test and try. You could try grinding your own beans and also using organic coffee One or the other will stand out to your preference. There are specialty shops that sell coffee and they are easy  to access online.
  • Quality – This is where paying a little extra to buy the freshest of beans from a specialist store  and even organic will pay off with the aroma and the taste. If you are travelling around over seas you could try your luck at bringing some coffee from the country you visit back. Just make sure it is well sealed and  unopened and DECLARE IT.
  • Presentation – As with so many things in life presentation seals the deal. You can set yourself up with a nice coffee set with matching mugs or cups . Even top condition second hand could work here. Search around for a nice pottery or home made set. Look for a set by a signed artist or local potter for a extra talking point. Served up on a nice tray or  natural wood board for effect and you are on your way to success. If using an electricity free coffee maker you could bring that to the table and pour the coffees while you entertain your friends. A boutique out door table  or cosy corner area for added atmosphere. Maybe some nice potted flower  plants, palms or even a potted coffee plant to set the mood.
  • Offer a Choice Variety is the spice of life. Offer a range of different aromas, and strengths in  coffee , flavor, international mixes or even extras like cinnamon , cream , marshmallows etc will see your great company return for more coffee gatherings.
  • Originality – I like this option. Be a little eccentric and offer a slightly unusual way of brewing or serving up coffee as you adapt your own unique angle to having friends over for coffee. Maybe even serve your home coffee with a home made chocolate or truffle or make your own serving tray  to get the conversation buzzing.
  • Organic –  I often see it written that fresh organic coffee has the edge in taste but the only way to really find this out I would suggest is to test and try for yourself.
  • Home Grown – This may be challenging at first. Although coffee plants look amazing in pots in my experience they can produce little  beans for the amount that you need to enjoy coffee afternoons with friends. Still it could be fun to grow a plant to have the odd cup of homegrown coffee from time to time.

Home grown coffee


Perhaps the most important thing is to make sure your coffee is fresh for the best brew this could mean buying a little and often and grinding the beans yourself to get the ultimate taste. Store in an air tight container in a dry place out of the light.

Other Coffee Options

You can master a modern coffee making machine, grinding your beans and become an expert in the tricks of the trade or you could or go for a coffee pod setup. Then there are the simple plungers or other siphon gadgets. The other way of having coffee that is a step more interesting to just instant is to buy boxes of  different flavored sachets at the store of which just need boiling water. These are quite nice to take camping I have discovered

Leave Your comments and share all your great tips ideas here for making coffee with friends special.



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