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Like To Feel Good In Summer Fashion?“

Enjoy The Crisp Freshness of White in Summer

Is always worth consideration. Not only does white look fantastic on a bright summers day but it also can help to keep you feeling cool.  It is said that we should be covering up as much as possible from strong UV rays yet this can be difficult when it is too  hot to cover up, how ever when wearing white you can do it as white reflects the heat of the sun away and helps you stay cool , so why not stay cool  in style.

Long sleeves can be cooling to wear depending on materials and colour.




 When is white a great colour choice?.


  • On a hot summers day when you want to feel fresh and free.
  • At the beach try a white hat and cool long sleeved white shirt, dress or skirt over your swimsuit .
  • Evening summer look to show off that summer glow.
  • Crisp white shirt  denim blue jeans works well.
  • When you want a colour that can mix and match well with anything.

The Down Side Of  Wearing White

First wearing white for some of us is maybe a little risky. For those of us whom are very good at spilling food and drink. In this case you have to take a little extra care.  Perhaps the biggest issue with wearing  white can be how  difficult it is  to keep it looking crisp and white and  needs to be bright and fresh like new


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White and Fashion

You can wear white in any garment from hats to T shirts, shirts and tops, jackets, skirts, dresses, pants and don’t forget those summer white shoes. White summer sandals are great to have and look good with  many different styles and colours.




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