Turmeric For Health          

The secret is out 

It is great to have simple everyday things we can do, small little changes and especially low cost ways to improve everyday health and living.

 Could Turmeric be The  Magic  in your Pantry


I stumbled on turmeric on a number of occasions while trying to find foods beneficial to a family member  suffering from cancer. Turmeric cropped up so many times it seemed a must to include it even in my diet. Naturally it was a bonus to already have some in in the pantry.

I was so amazed with all I read on Turmeric that  I now keep some on hand in a shaker so I can sprinkle it on food and I find it to be a healthy alternative to salt. I believe It even works better and is more effective when added to food with  black pepper and is quite tasty sprinkled on eggs


The Range of Magic Benefits to Turmeric

A little  look  at articles on line and you will find a huge  range of articles describing the benefits to including Turmeric in your diet and on a regular bases. Besides the talk of it preventing cancer it is said to be a powerful antioxidant, said to be helpful to Arthritis sufferers , could help prevent Heart disease and prevent build up of Plaque and is said to even Lower Cholesterol.

Off cause like anything overdosing is no quick fix and will only cause harm. remember everything in moderation.

When you find a food like this that offers so much, is cheap , readily available, easy to add to the diet why not include it .

Ideas to Include Turmeric In you diet


  • Great with egg dishes and sprinkled on eggs at breakfast.
  • Add it to rice dishes.
  • Curries and Stews
  • Soups.
  • Make up as a drink with  hot water.  ( Quite strong this way)
  • Add to Mayonnaise and white sauce  to give it a rich yellowing color.
  • Add to cheese dishes
  • Actually try it with your favorite  savoury dish it is just so good for you.

Remember to add black pepper with it. to get the best of the benefits Turmeric offers.

Warnings. When to avoid.

I recommend you research this yourself first just to make sure you don’t have a health condition that may be made worse by consuming Turmeric and or check with your doctor if your not sure.

Some  medications may not mix well ,

As with anything there is a down side and there are reasons not to have  Turmeric. I have  looked online and found  Pregnancy is one  such condition to avoid Turmeric. . Bleeding Disorders and Anemia may be made worse. Too much concentrated Turmeric as you find in supplements is not good either.

Like everything enjoy in moderation.


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