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Instead of slaving over you garden plan well from the beginning

If you don’t manage to keep up with many  gardens they soon grow out of control and unsightly.

There are ways you can develop a garden to create your own piece of paradise, an area  that is low maintenance and easy to control. Of cause this is so much easier if you are starting out with  a new garden rather than an established garden of which can be hard work to change. This involves removing troublesome plants and weeds that are firmly fixed in place.Plant Pots

Tips for creating your garden with low maintenance in mind.

  • Consider size shape and form of the plants while choosing them.Many people make the mistake of planting shrubs and trees with out considering how they will control them as they grow to full size or with no thought to how untidy they will look as they  sprawl far and wide as  they grow into each other.
  • Take into account how much pruning will be involved. Pruning can be had work.especially with many large trees and shrubs.Go for plants that are soft, easy and almost pleasant to prune.
  • Consider the difference between deciduous and evergreen. You may prefer a  deciduous plant to let the sun into an area over winter once the leaves have fallen but there could be lots of work in tidying up fallen leaves depending on the plant.
  • Choose plants that hold a tidy form are often slow growing and easy to control eg conifer.
  • Beware of thorns. Roses are beautiful but require pruning and if weeds are allowed to thrive amongst them you quickly have an area that is out of control.and difficult to manage.
  • Weeds. Those plants that create work in the garden. Control weeds from the beginning. Create bark, rock, heavily mulched or similar gardens. Use old carpet or cardboard first to kill off the weeds.
  • Edging – Put edging along your finished gardens to control weeds  for a tidy finish.This leaves a clean finish after mowing the lawn.
  • Pots- A  way to keep plants you love contained that would otherwise take off in the open garden and be hard to manage and out of control.
  • Paved Area-A great way to have a tidy, controlled and all weather area to enjoy outdoors.
  • Do your homework before purchasing plants. Look for plants that are easy to look after, nice feature plants  and plants that grow happily in your local area.

Other features in the garden can offer lots interest with low maintenance like birdbaths, statues and even large rocks.

I myself recently put in  a new garden and I practiced what I just wrote above. Here are some photos to check out.

Easy Care GardenEasy manage garden

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