Tips On Changing Long Hair To A Short Style Cut

Long Hair Style
Long Hair Style

A Big Change Long Hair To Short

Have you been thinking of changing your hair style?

There are a number of reasons as women that we make rather extreme changes to our Hair style. Usually it is because we need a lift  or because of our age.

I wrote this article because I am facing this dilemma myself. I have been considering a short cut for some time. With me it could be an age thing. I sometimes feel that my long hair may no longer look good and it may be time to move onto a more sophisticated style. How ever I fear getting a cut that makes me look my age and more. A decision like this can be huge for some of us.

I have come up with a few tips that I find helpful while working my way through this transition.

Some Great Tips To Help You Find a New Hairstyle

  • Take your time Don’t do anything drastic and jump into such a big change in hairstyle with out thinking it through and being totally sure first.
  • Check out Lots of Images Online This is what I love about the internet. You can easily run a search for any hairstyle and then select images and you will be able view lots of different hairstyles.
  • Once you find an image or two that you really like  print it out so when you are sure and ready to make the plunge you can take it along to your hairstylist.
  • Try some online software You can load you photo and try lots of colours and styles online there are some websites that are very helpful for this. This way you have an idea of what you will get to see what suits you and what does not look as good.
  • Maintenance Some styles are high maintenance a then there are easy  wash and wear styles. You may like to consider this when choosing your style.
  • Can’t decide then you need to take your time as you may not be ready for such a big change yet. You could try different ways of wearing the style you have. If it is an age thing that is putting the idea of a short cut in your mind try wearing your hair in a bun style. Very sophisticated look. Sometimes lightening the hair and or streaking it can help with the transition to grey hair especially if your hair is brown.bridal-1540589_640


Other Things To Consider

Once you have made the move to a short hair style it means regular trips to your hairdresser to maintain the look so you need to be able to afford to keep your hair looking at its best. Colour and highlights can add a magic touch to a style and could be just what you need.

Short hair can be cooler and great in summer. If you have a style that is wash and wear this is so much easier at the beach or by the pool.

Changing your hair from long to short is quite a big change the other step of course is to tread slowly and opt for a medium style until you are ready to go for the short look.


Share Your Tips Have you gone for a total change and gone from long hair to short.?

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