If you find yourself in a serious life changing event how ready are you?


This is the very question that has had me concerned from time to time and I have to say I am not yet ready for such an event. If you have young kids and family to care for then being prepared will be so much harder of cause. But I have been thinking and wondering of what I can do to be in a better situation should an emergency event that calls for DIY survival occurs.

Because I live in a country that is prone to earthquakes I am a little surprised that I have not put a plan in place sooner. Especially since the ads come onto the radio from time to time reminding us to be ready.

I am now slowly gathering useful gear and supplies so at the very least life will be a little more comfortable should our house hold have to head for the hills. Yes that is where I plan to head should the sh..t hit the fan. I hope this never happens to myself or anyone else out there but just incase.

The Online Prepper  is out there and offering a range of good ideas to get you staged.

There are lots of ways to read, research and look around on line to get some great ideas. There are also many extreme preppers.  How ever I have no plans to build a fortress underground just maybe have some comfort should we need to live rough for a few days.

So I have put together a list of some things that may help.

My Survival List Time to Gear Up

  • A Comfortable Large Pack for each able member of the family. In times of disaster often you can’t use the car so the only way to move fast and carry a load is with a really good pack. The more in your group that is able to carry a pack the better to help spread the load and to take more stuff. Cruise the auction sites and see if you can grab packs cheap to get you started. On Trade me there are lots of new ones on a 1 $ reserve.
  • Sleeping Bag each goes with out saying, get warm lightweight bags
  • Sleeping Mats you can get some pretty cool inflatable light mats or beds.
  • Tent or Tents  depending how many of you there are you need a way to shelter. Weather proof and light weight and because a large tent can be heavy you may be more mobile with small tents.
  • Tarps One or two lightweight tarps you will be grateful for. These could even be useful for catching dew or water.
  • Foldable Buckets So useful and the foldable buckets won’t take too much room up in the pack.
  • Water and More Water  Can be awkward and heavy. I know this is an issue with taking up room and weight  but so important. Maybe you could carry a couple of large plastic bottles each and even consider getter a bladder each that straps to the body as well for drinking. It is also worth learning how you can collect rain  water or overnight dew. You will need to pack a container maybe a foldable bucket or similar to use only for collecting water and other useful materials for catching water. Water
  • Cooking universal pot and billy for boiling water.
  • Small compact gas stove with backup cylinders  Would be useful at least until the cylinders run out. Then it is down to building fires.
  • Matches, lighter, fire starters. These a lite to carry so why not load up on what is important. You can get a range of different fire starters for survival and camping.emergency matches
  • Solar torch ,solar  lanterns and candles and also a couple of battery torches with a radio if possible and a cell phone charger. Plus extra batteries.
  • Useful tools camp folding spade, cutting tool, compass, binoculars , local maps, fishing line, soft bait and hooks. string , lite weight rope and pegs.
  • First aid kit With a little of everything including antiseptic wipes, disinfectant, a range of pain killers, prescription meds etc. Insect repellent and suntan lotion may be useful too. Tip also keep a good DIY first aid guide as a quick reference in an emergency.
  • Suitable Clothing You will probable just take what you are wearing as room is at a premium but you could just make sure you have a layer of cool gear underneath with warmer and waterproof overtop. A warm hat and sun hat with scarf would be useful and good walking waterproof footwear. with warm socks Maybe fit in a change of underwear and extra socks each and hopefully you can find a stream or some wear to wash. Also good walking waterproof shoes.
  • Soap soap may have to replace shampoos and everything as there is a limit to what you can carry. Laundry soap may be useful like the cakes of sunlight laundry soap for washing and even dishes if necessary .
  • Lite weight plate  each with cup and cutlery. With a can opener and spoons.
  • Vitamin Tablets when food is scarce you will need a to up your vitamins and minerals.
  • Sanitary Supplies A women’s nightmare should an emergency survival situation occur but not being prepared would be so much worse. There are reusable products available which could be the go.
  • Supplies for Baby or young children. This opens a whole new set of issues as you will need so much extra to carry. If water won’t be an issue then reusable nappy’s with disposable liners may be helpful, Sanitary wipes and milk powder goes on the list too. Don’t forget meds that may be needed.
  • Food This is the big one next to water and with limited space and weight limit it is time to get clever. You can get some all in one camp meals that won’t need water. They come in sachets easy to carry. The following is a list of what I think may be useful.

The Food List

  • Sachets of soups , rice, pasta, dried peas  etc. These will need water so may only be useful when you have water.
  • Dried fruit, nut mixes, dried chick peas,  beans  and similar.
  • Flour, to make easy flatbread,  rice, couscous, noodles.
  • Dried herbs, and stock cubes.
  • Dried milk powder. egg powder etc.
  • Sachets of ready to heat and eat soups and other meals. that won’t need water.
  • Muesli Bars
  • Herb T bags, T bags., coffee bags, I pick these because one bag can be stretched to make a few cups and herb T is useful for a range of different health ailments which may be of help.
  • Stock cubes to help with food taste.

The above is what  I have thought of so far but you may have some much better ideas for your food kit. I will probable add chocolate and a bottle of strong spirits for when the occasion calls for it too.

I have picked some food that I intend to have on hand in case of a sudden emergency. There are so many items I would prefer to take but there is an extreme limit to what can be carried. I am sure you will have some much better ideas too. I will just gather the food above slowly as I shop and keep it in the pantry together in a large plastic container with a seal lid so ready to grab in a hurry.


Other Useful Items

You will come up with a range of items to add suited to your needs. Other useful things I can think of would be Seal bags large and small, seeds, paper, note pad and pen, book of local edible plants, radio and some cash.

I see the ads that we should all be prepared for disaster and I am sure we all mean to do something to be prepared but it often takes the back seat and we never quite get around to it. My list above grew from a couple of items to many very quickly and it is a lot to get and fund all in one hit. That is why I work on gathering what I need slowly with just a couple of things each pay and when I shop I look for a one or two more food items to ad to the supply.

It is also a good idea to have a plan should disaster hit like where will you go. If high ground is needed then where is the closest and what is the fastest way to get there. Other members of the family also need to know where to find you and where to head for. Talk the plan over and share ideas.

Add Your Ideas to this page. Leave comments below.


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