Tips and Ideas On Free Ways To Exercise

Exercise Tips
Exercise Tips

Good News You Don’t Need To Spend A Fortune


at the gym to keep yourself trim and fit. There is a number of ways and ideas  to get exercise. The trick is to set a plan and regularly action it. You could go for a brisk walk in your lunch break or in the evening, if you are lucky enough to have access to a pool or beach try swimming on a regular basis.

Other Ideas that offer no cost fitness

    • Running If you are keen and already fit go for a jog.
    • Tennis Find someone who would like to  take up tennis great for regular fitness.
    • Walk the Dog Take the dog out for a walk each day .Don’t have a dog. Find someone who has trouble walking their dog  and offer to do it for them. The thought that the dog may be waiting for a walk will spur you into regular fitness.
    • Not Keen On Dogs Walk the neighbour or drop a note on your local Facebook page and find a like minded person who is keen to get out, to get some fresh air and to get fit.
    • Yoga You do not need much to set up a small space to move , a  mat and a You Tube instruction video and you are away.
    • Stretches and Exercise Set your routine and action some home trim up with a range of exercises to target chosen areas. Motivation by doing is the key here.
    • Game of Cricket anyone? Get the entire family and friends behind this one and you will need an area to play like the beach or park but this is fun and you do get some exercise. You could also try volleyball, Frisbee or table tennis. This is good for everyone and lots of fun.
    • Hiking Group For regular exercise why not join a local walking group. Meet new friends, get out in the fresh air and enjoy checking out nature tracks and bush walks.
    • Dancing Have fun and exercise at the same time. Either dance along to music at home or connect your exercise to social outings, dance clubs and the likes.
    • Cycling You may already have a bike or you could borrow one. Of course if you choose this channel for fitness and do not have a bike then you will have expense to start with. This is a great way to get fit as long as you have safe places to ride.

Get Going Be Inspired

These are just some ideas that can get you out there, motivated and on your why to a fitter you. There are of course lots of other groups, clubs, sports that will increase exercise. Some will cost however.

The biggest part of getting regular exercise is staying keen and keeping motivated. Either daily or a couple of times a week however you do it. No matter what you do getting some exercise is way better than none at all. You can start small and increase what you are doing as your fitness improves.


Tips For Success

  1. Try and set a regular routine at the same time of the day.
  2. Dress the part. Comfortable clothes and suitable footwear.
  3. Drink lots of water.
  4. Exercise to your fitness level and increase it slowly
  5. Check with your doctor to be sure exercise is safe for you.
  6. Encourage a friend or family member to join you.
  7. Tick off the calendar each day after you exercise to help encourage you on.
  8. Pay yourself instead of paying the gym put a gold coin in a jar each time you exercise and you can have the reward with lunch out or a special treat at the end of each month.


Add Your Exercise Tips  Comment,join in and share your tips and exercise ideas. How do you stay motivated and what works best for you?

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