Tips and Ideas Be Ready For Surprise Visitors

Coffee With Friends

Do You Often Have Surprise Guests?

Need Tips and Ideas to always be prepared?


Even though I love spending time with family and friends.

There is nothing worse than having friends surprise you and turn up unexpectedly and not having anything to offer them. Whether it be biscuits, snacks, light  meals, dinner or cool drinks and refreshments. I myself have experienced this issue from time to time and I must say it is no fun.It also seems that unexpected people arrive a day or two before payday so the  pantry is  looking empty.

You want to be welcoming and entertaining with guests even with surprise visits.

I have been thinking of what I can do to ensure that the next time visitors suddenly show up I have plenty to offer them.


What Ideas Have I found so Far

  • Cold Drinks at the Ready Each shopping day now I grab an extra couple of 2 litre cold drinks, juice or soft drink, ginger beer etc. It is time to start stocking the fridge for Christmas anyway so this takes care of two issues.Luckily we have an extra drinks fridge in the garage so in it goes. At the ready
  • Ice How often have you had people turn up and the first think they say is “Have You any Ice?” Oh dear same old issue. Now I keep a big container in the freezer with a good seal and I am filling it up so it is ready at all times.
  • Shop Biscuits An easy and quick solution .ready  to have with T and Coffee. Again I now keep a large sealing container in the bottom of the pantry with biscuits ready to go. Never again will I be with out. As with the drink I buy a couple of packets of biscuits each shop for the guest container.
  • Chips , Pretzels, Nuts Yip as with biscuits ready to go and waiting for visitors.
  • Crackers You know you have something nice to  offer as long as you have crackers on hand. Oh you also need cheese ( does not have to be fancy ) Keeping a nice pickle, olives etc in stock is not hard to do and pickled cucumber is cheap and yum and works just as well as fresh. You can look around and find easy things that keep well and that  you like that you can have on hand to put out with crackers.cheese-platter-1322738_640
  • Scones, Home made Baking. This is where the freezer comes in handy. Lots of recipes freeze we. You can also make just the biscuit dough and pull it out of the freezer  and pop them in the oven quickly if guests suddenly arrive
  • BBQ For those who turn up at dinner time having a big bag of frozen pre-cooked sausages can save the day. Keep a bag of rolls in the freezer and it does take much to put a salad together or cook some veges. Couscous and pasta are very handy to have on hand as well.
  • Pizza again having a few pizza bases in the freezer can set you up for some fast food to offer.

Set Your Plan

You may have your own favourite ideas that are suited to freezing or being ready and on hand for those surprise guests. I think the trick is to just be mindful that people could turn up anytime so if you make sure you  always have easy food and drinks to offer then you don’t have to worry or feel bad when you see that car load pull into the driveway. That way you can relax and just enjoy spending time with family and friends.tea-cake-1149670_640Other Tips for Success

  • Presentation- Even little to offer will look so much better on a beautiful loud arty serving plate or platter. Crackers. cheese, fruits etc also look amazing when served on wooden boards.
  • Keep it simple so you can enjoy the company of your guests.
  • Specialize in a special beverage hot or cold so your visitors can  enjoy something a little different.

Yay… Organised bring on the next visitor. All ready to go.

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