Collecting Coins


Have you ever wondered about collecting coins.    



As Women we sometimes need interests other than work and home tasks. Collecting coins is not intrusive to others in the home and can be really enjoyable.


Some people naturally start collecting coins from an early age and it can be a lot of fun.  Best of all this is one of those easy  collections where you don’t need to have a lot of room to store your collection.. An old tin or box makes great storage and really little else is needed.

How do You start Collecting Coins.

You can kick of by purchasing someone else’s unwanted collection of which you see them quite often  on Auction sites. Actually with the internet these days collecting is so much easier.

Ideally you will be looking for coins that  are  still in great condition. Coins that have not lost their lustre and shine. if you are lucky on occasion you may come across a coin that has never been out never circulated in which case it would be in mint unused condition.

Finding Coins You Want and Like

You may like to start with a particular country maybe even your own to try and get one of each coin realeased over the years.  You could find  the year of your birth of interest.Or just go for it a collect any coin you don’t have That’s the beauty of collecting. It is up to want you find available , what you like and what interests you..


Value of Coins.

If you are looking to discover real old treasure’s with your collecting you will need a ton of luck. Coins with high value are extremely rare Because there are so few of them is the reason their price is so high. If you stumble on a really old coin for sale then do your research before you think of buying it as there are some extremely old coins out there that are not worth much as there are just so many of them available.

If you find a solid gold or silver coin for  sale it will at least be worth the value in weight if melted down.

Many coins get advertised for sale and are really worth the value that someone is willing to pay. It could be an auction and a number of collectors all want it so they will bid higher and higher. It is all just part of collecting coins.

You may like to challenge you self to gather sets of coins that have been released for a purpose like a sporting event.olympic-coins-1319045833d3x

The fun is setting a goal of what coins you want to collect and set out to see if you can get them all.

So if you are looking for a new hobby Check out some auction sites and coin collecting websites. You could also pick up  a coin collecting guide and you will be well on your way.




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