There are Reasons To Choose Tankini’s Over One Piece Swimsuits.


Perhaps the main reason is versatility Having the cover of a full swimsuit but the convenience of a two piece.. This was the reason that I first decided the Tankini was perfect for me. On many occasions during summer you may  find myself on an outing to which there is a good chance that in the heat of the day a swim at the beach or pool  will be on the agenda. Instead of packing a swimsuit why not  just incorporate your Tankini into what you  plan to wear that day. You can get some beautiful Tankini tops that look every bit as nice on as a shirt or T Shirt. You can wear a nice thin summer jacket or open shirt with your Tankini top and it can look really smart.  The pants are fine under a skirt , dress or jeans even. Best of all when the occasion presents itself for a swim you are ready to go No need to try and find somewhere to change. This is one of the reasons that I love the Tankini.

The Tankini is also perfect to mix and match.

You can easily change your entire swimsuit  look by using a top with the pants of another Tankini. Get 2 or 3 different swimsuits that work in and easily color match  well with each other and you can change your look each day. Great for taking away on summer holiday. You have nice tops to wear and a variety of swimsuits.

How To Find The Right Tankini For You ?

Because Tankini’s come in of different styles it would pay at first to go to a shop and try different ones on. That way you will soon get to know which style suits you and  what you feel comfortable wearing. Some styles particularly flatter the figure more than others.The tops can feel very comfortable and secure on.They also can come with Bikini pants or Hot pant  shorts. Another good reason to try them on.

Skirtini-   Swim dresses and 2 piece skirtini’s are another good option for Summer Swimwear. These also hold their value in versatility when it comes to incorporating them into your day wear for convenience. These seem to becoming more popular for swimwear.




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