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Try A 3 Week Challenge and see how you feel. If you can stick to the plan I am picking you will feel good and may have lost a little weight  as well. ..Bonus..

I have done this and I did feel great but the trick is keeping it up.  Sadly this  is not always  easy with sugar all around us, and you may easily slip back into old patterns. Do everything in your power to avoid them.

The first week is the hardest and you really  need to be tough on yourself. Issue being both these foods actually can be  addictive.   Many of us eat bread and sugar on a daily basis and we need to be strong to beat the cravings.


Cut These Two Foods From Your Diet for 3 weeks and see if you feel better, healthier, slimmer, more alive.

  • Bread This is a big change for many. You may find you need to be imaginative to adjust to this one. Instead of sandwiches make a spinach wrap, rice crackers  or take left over dinners to work and  change to cereal for breakfast instead of eating toast.

  • Sugar Not easy when you are so used to it. It is impossible to cut it out altogether with so many products containing sugar but cut out sugar in your drink, stay away from soft drinks and energy drinks and avoid hard sugar hits like chocolate, cookies and dessert. Craving it? Eat an apple , other fruit, or  an olive and try 1/2 tsp honey in your drink.


Cut the above and drink lots water. If after 3 weeks you feel good try and stay with it. You then can have the odd sandwich or chocolate for a treat in moderation but beware of that cruel addition.

Note As I mentioned at the top of this post   I have tried this a couple of times The  second time was because I felt so good after my first attempt.  You do have to be strong and determined to stick with it.

If You give the 3 week challenge ago I would love you to come back and comment on how it went for you..






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