Going Eco

Your standing in the supermarket watching the plastic bag fill and with a tinge of guilt your slowly kicking yourself that again you haven’t organised your life just a little better and had re useable bags at the ready. This is just one of many things we can do to help improve environment and health.

Maybe the first thing that we need to tell ourselves is that we can’t just switch overnight.

Instant won’t happen but introducing a change over time and as new circumstances give us the opportunity to choose eco is maybe the best guilt free approach to change.

Where do you start  when changing to eco?

Start as you need to replace products.

Everyday Products. Perhaps the first place to start is with household everyday products.

Cleaners Make a change straight away by purchasing environmentally friendly cleaners for around the home. They clean just as well and in many cases better. You won’t be dumping hash chemicals down the drain that can in turn make there way to waterways. They are also a similar price. Wash clothes in eco wash.

Personal products Soaps, hair products, skincare, makeup. Seek eco products out and give them a try.Avoid products with micro-beads.as these are ending up in out oceans.

Shop with re useable bags Say goodbye to plastic bags.Look for less packaging on products..bag-421457_640

Organic Try and purchase organic meats, fruits and vegetables.

Outdoor products Use alternative to sprays and chemical’s (try boiling water on weeds or look for eco bug oils and products that do not harm the environment.) Eco car wash and  environmentally safe paints.

Plant a Tree Just imagine if we all went out and planted a tree.

Buying Your Next Car Think low emission ratings economical green rating and low fuel economy. Consider Hybrid or electric.

Join an Eco group To help you stay focused.

In the garden Be nice to the worms, birds and bees. Grow as many edibles as you can. Own your  own Bee hive and or Chickens if you have room. Go out with a torch at night and remove pests like snails.

Recycle Glass bottles and plastics. Buy second hand furniture. Fix things instead of throwing away when you can.


Other Tips On making a Change

Look at getting solar panels for electricity. Rain tanks to collect water. Eco insulation in the roof.


On top of the above things you can do. There are other important things you can do like boycotting certain products that course so much harm and that take away earths natural environments like Palm oil for instance. I will be looking at doing a post on these things in the near future.


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