Sunbeam Pie Maker Review- Magic 2

Pie MakerThis is a review that I want to share

as I have really enjoyed using my Sunbeam pie maker and recommend having this appliance or similar in any Kitchen. Great for young to old and awesome for teenagers  out flatting.

Quality I have found this appliance is useful and great to have on hand  and the Magic 2  Pie Maker is easy to use and clean. It keeps like new is quick to use and makes a fantastic option for an easy  lunch or dinner.

The Pie Maker that I have makes 2 pies at a time but you may be able to get one that will make 4, I am not sure. If I want to make more than 2 pies I just pop them as they cook into a low oven to keep them warm.

Super Quick and easy to use you just plug in and wait for the light to turn green. In the mean time you can roll the pastry and use the cutter supplied to prepare pastry to use. When light turns green put in your base , filling and then place the top on and close the lid and seal. Ready when light turns from red to green again. If you want your pies  super crunchy on the outside just leave in a little longer.

What I love about this home made pie maker is that it  is fast , easy,  and a  cheap easy  meal option and delicious.

Ticks all the boxes.

To Clean I just wipe with a damp cloth while still warm. Any left over food  comes off super easy , then close lid and the heat will dry it, let it cool and put away. How simple is that. My pie maker still looks like new.

Other useful tips

  • Use leftovers like mince, stew or even leek and cheese sauce with some chicken or ham added. It is up to the imagination really.
  • Use bread for base and top if you don’t have pastry on hand it is delish and makes a crunchy tasty pie.
  • Make yummy desserts with sweet pastry and fruit filling.
  • If putting egg filling in you need to cook it longer to get egg to set. I prick the top and let a little run out then put lid down. One egg with extras added easily makes 2 pies. Egg makes  delish  pies. Also good cold for picnics.
  • The book that comes with the Sunbeam Pie Maker has lots and lots of yummy recipes and ideas.

Overall if you are looking for a good appliance to have in the kitchen that is fast , easy and uses leftovers of  which enables you to make some really cheap and tasty fast meals then I recommend the Pie Maker.

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