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Summer Scarf

If you are looking for an idea to spruce up your summer fashion the scarf may be just what you need.


Women love the Scarf in winter

How about the scarf for summer fashion. You can get some scarves in beautiful fabrics shear, elegant and colorful to enjoy over the summer months. To top it off there is a variety of different ways to enjoy wearing them.

The scarf is one of those very special accessories that we maybe over look much of the time. It is easy to reach for a  scarf  in the cold of winter as they are extremely valuable for keeping the chills away and it is comforting to wear them. In winter they are a warm and cosy item however in summer the scarf is elegant, bright and can add a touch of glamour to an evenings outfit.

When I was young, Women used to wear silk scarves all the time during summer. Back then they were certainly all the fashion. But today we don’t make the most of  wearing them as much as we could.

Summer Scarves
Fashion Scarves In a Range of Colors.

Some History On The Scarf.

In Ancient Rome the scarf was for worn by men. To wipe their sweat away in the heat of the day. They would either wear them around the neck or as a belt.

Men often have worn the scarf, in many cases soldiers wore them and the different scarf they worn also showed their rank.

The scarf became a fashion accessory in the early 19th Century

Religions and various cultures also value the scarf.

As time moved along the scarf has become more and more popular as a fashion accessory and often worn in dance shows and by actresses and popular in fashion magazines.

Wearing the Scarf for everyday Summer Wear.

There are different  ways of enjoying scarves in summer. Really it is up to the imagination on how we wear them, deciding which outfit would be enhanced by wearing a scarf  and  colors to  choose. You can enjoy wearing beautiful silky, satin and sheer materials.

Enjoy wearing your summer  scarf

  • Around the neck
  • On the head
  • As a hair tie or head band.
  • As  a belt.
  • or simply draped over shoulders.

The scarf in summer is even useful for sun protection on an  extra hot day.

Gift idea . The scarf  makes a  perfect gift .for that women in your life.


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