Savvy Way To A Good Nights Sleep


What If You Need A New Bed

But you simply can not afford one at the moment. Maybe in a year or two you will be in a better position to be able to purchase a quality bed but for now you really need to be able to get a good night sleep. Waking up feeling  sore and still really  tired are often caused by an uncomfortable bed.

I have been facing this issue for some time and even though I would love to buy a nice new bed it just is not going to happen at the moment. After waking often and feeling lots of aches and pains in the morning drastic methods were needed.

Luckily I found away to make the existing bed so much more comfortable and even better for the back with  little cost so affordable for me.

Spruce Up that Old Mattress

Comfortable Bed

Make your old mattress so much better for a comfortable night sleep by simply purchasing a topper. I went for a memory foam topper. It was a cheaper one only 5cm thick but gosh the difference is huge. I don’t have to worry about putting up with sleeping directly on the old mattress anymore at least for now the problem is solved. Although I am aware I still need a new bed I have found a way to give  a little more time to save for one.

I noticed that you can get Memory Toppers in 10cm thickness also they would be great too. Just slightly more expensive.There are many different brands to choose from so you need to read reviews and check around for your local suppliers first.

Toppers To Choose From

There are also padded toppers made of various materials that you may prefer to try Memory Foam, Bamboo, Feathers, Wool, Latex , Foam, Organic  and others It is great to have this option especially if you can’t afford a new bed at the moment.


Another Idea I am looking at is maybe just saving for a new mattress instead of a whole new bed. My base is still quite good. The option is there and is another savvy saving idea.


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