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Shopping On The Couch Can save you money

Being Savvy with Online Shopping can be easy

with a little bit of know how and patience. What I love is being able to have things that would normally be out of your reach price wise.Searching for bargains online is easy when you know where to look.

The Catch well yes there is often a catch. Sometimes this can mean buying second hand but if you are patient and know what to look for you can get second hand but like new products at unbelievable prices.

In saying this there are bargains to be had on new products too and you can compare prices easily to find the best site to buy the product that you are searching for. There are even websites that will compare prices on a different product like electronics and travel so you can see quickly who is offering the best deal.


Tips on Finding Great Bargains Online


  • Local Auction Websites This is surely one of the best ways to score bargains. Many items are loaded in at 1$ reserve.I have adopted this method for years for purchasing household items, clothing, beauty items and gifts. The gifts of course are always new how ever you will be surprised how you can pick up some fantastic furnishings for the house that are like new and at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new from a store. I have picked up some lovely Oak and Rimu furniture this way.

Websites that compare prices If you are looking for a particular new item and after you have checked out the auction with no luck you can find local websites that compare prices at local stores so you can find the cheapest offer and who is having specials etc I recently did this when purchasing a new washing machine.

Websites with wholesale prices There are websites with such low prices and free shipping. They are there for those who want to use them. The website I found is International and so cheap. But then you end up tackling the right and wrongs of it all when you don’t buy from local sites and in turn give your own countrymen your support. However if it means the difference between having something that you really want yet could never afford at the local markup prices then this could be the way. I am sure many of the local companies source their stock  from the same or similar sites too.

The best way to sort Travel I have booked a couple holidays online with flights accommodation, park tickets etc all hassle free and at the cheapest deals I could find. I have to say its great. You can check out lots places to stay first, read reviews, browse photos and find some really good deals. Online is a very good way to find cheap travel offers and bargains.

Search specials, Sales and Coupons This goes without saying. It is just so easy to search for anything on line and searching for sales and discounts on what you are looking for is a good way to start. I always run a search when my security is coming up for renew and that way I get it cheaper than the renew deal they offer me.


Tips For Success-

Check a website out and find trusted websites. Using a good security you can have it set so your security check out sites and indicate what is trustworthy.

Read reviews keeping an open mind as sometimes people write bad reviews over trivial matters.

Read feedback on auctions before you bid this gives you a good idea of how honest they are about an item description etc.


Would love to Hear Your Tips How do you make a savings online? Comment and Share.




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