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Is my page just to share every day happenings that crop up from time to time that seem a little weird. Or that I become curious about as you do.

An event that happened to me today was what spawned this page. I will add more chatter as the curiosities come along and as I set out to find the answers.

Why does the Sun suddenly appear to change colour only moments apart.?

This morning I was driving to work as I do most mornings early. The sun is starting to come up earlier again as it is the first day of spring. As I drove over the brow of the first hill I was delighted to see a pure white sun edged behind a pinky white cloud. I often wish I had my camera at this time as it looks amazing. I was thinking that it does  not seem to blind you so much when it is white and so the driving should be drama free this morning. Then two twists and turns later hello there she is a big blinding Yellow sun. I started to ask myself how could this be. Only moments ago the sun was white so then I thought I need to find out the answer to this and oh what a great idea for a page on Womenz.space  T Cup Chatter… So here we are.

Back to the Sun I ran a search and came up with the answer being the sun can suddenly appear yellow because of the atmosphere and I guess you could say a trick of the light. The sun is white.

I Worry About The Climate Do You?

Is it not strange how when you are concerned about something or focused on something you just keep seeing more and more about it on every turn. Just lately I have been taking more notice of the state of our beautiful planet and you just can’t help but worry about the effects we as humans are having on it’s overall heath. I do not wish for this over the T Cup page to become all green and Nature issues but then maybe that is really where my heart is. Perhaps the worse thing is that I am deeply concerned about it really, but what am I doing to try and make a difference? At the moment not a lot and yes I feel ashamed that I am not. I contributed to Greenpeace with a small monthly donation for years. Once I thought they were our only hope and I love what they do because at least they are out there trying. Now there are other good people also working to save us and  trying  and turn things around. I was so pleased to see that there is a group trying very hard to do something about all the plastic in the Pacific Ocean. You can check them out here Of cause now there is all that Radiation from Japan leaking into the Pacific  to be concerned about.

But then there are lots of other great groups and individuals with their minds and hearts in the right place. Somehow we all need to band together and do our part..

Recently I have read articles on  beaches covered and I mean covered in rubbish. Then there is the global warming and increase in extreme weather that is battering the world. Why are we so dysfunctional?

Somehow we need to change this material world and learn to just appreciate this amazing planet we find ourselves living on and enjoy each day we have here with out polluting it.

I live on Hope that things will all come good in the end.

Keeping Pets Content and Happy Issue

You may have a similar problem with your cat.

We moved into town 3 years ago. We no longer could have chickens, our Old German Shepherd and old cat were no longer of this world so we decided to get another cat . We have a nice small home a lovely sunny deck and a garden that is perfect for a cat to enjoy. We picked up a cat from a refuge to give an animal that needed help a home.

So Willow the cat moved in. We went through months of health issues with her with lots of trips to the vet but finally she came right and now she should be able to just enjoy the good life BUT the cat next door hounds her, sneaks up for a fight and lately just hides and waits in the bushes in our garden to jump her. Willow is a small cat and does not stand a chance. She runs for us and the house to save herself. Today it happened again and she was visible shaking and scared. She is now nervous about even walking into the garden incase she gets jumped. Our section is gated and fenced but unfortunately that won’t stop cats coming in. She has been fixed so that’s not the attraction.

Meet Willow

The cat does not come onto the deck anymore so at least we have scared it off doing that.

If you have any ideas that could help that would be great.


Surrounded By The Seas and Can’t Afford the Fish


Why is this?

When I was a kid fresh fish was a huge part of out diet. You could fish off the beach and almost always get enough fish for T.  Now days you go out fishing and really come home with a good meal. So if you want fish you either go to the take away shop or try you luck at a cost at the supermarket.

The issue I have is first the cost of fish at the supermarket and the risk that even if you splash out will it be very fresh. Sometimes I have almost had to bin the fish I have bought as it was getting quite strong in smell. If they would just sell it at an affordable amount maybe it would sell while it was fresh.



Retirement Age Going Up

So they are planning to put the retirement age up in NZ. This discussion has been circulating for a couple of days. It is a subject that I must say I have worried about from time to time. The good news is it won’t affect me but it does affect younger generations and I feel for them. Many seem happy to work on into old age and I guess if you have an physically undemanding job that you love it then becomes understandable but what about those with poor health and or very hard , heavy and demanding jobs. It then becomes a tough ask don’t you think. To me retirement is to hopefully have some free and quality time to live a little before you get grounded with age related health issues. When you work hard all your life you deserve time out as you near the end of it.

Leave retirement alone I say.


Unaffordable Rents in NZ

My gripe for today is the cost of renting in our land today I am maybe one of the lucky ones . I have a big mortgage but at least as long as I keep up with the bills the roof over my head is steady and safe. I can’t help feeling for the  many out there who are renting. I can’t see how you are ever able to save for a house when it is costing so much just to have the rental one you live in. How could there be any money left over for savings? I also can’t help wondering how you rake up the bond should you need to for a new rental. The cost of living in NZ for those on low incomes is suffocating.  We need some affordable homes for our young hard working Kiwis to purchase and we need them fast. My answer is in relocating homes onto government assisted land and have young ones train for a future while they gain qualifications in building , electricity, plumbing ,landscaping and the likes. Then once houses have been bought up to scratch sell them to young kiwi’s. We need a plan and we need it soon.



My Gripe about Tax

This one had to come and so many people find this a real drain on our income especially when on a low income. First there is the income tax reduction and that is expected and fine. You have to contribute your bit to keep the country ticking over, I understand that. But spreading the leftover income gets squeezed with our GST tax on everything we purchase form food, goods, to services. I often look at the bill wondering why  it is high then understand how once GST is added. Oh then their is tax on our petrol each time we fill up to go to work.

Ha .. so out already taxed income gets taxed again where ever we spend it. There goes another  15 %.



Beating the blues when winter is coming.

I have heard that there is a condition or syndrome or something that can send people into a semi depression as the days shorten and the temperature drops. I think that maybe I have even experienced this myself on occasion. It is so easy to lose touch with life’s enthusiasm with faced with damp cold houses lack of light and sunshine and frosty mornings. But I have found a way to push the blues out and embrace each season for it’s on uniqueness. Autumn for instance a magic time and you can easily make it one to look forward to with crisp sunny days and the most amazing photography to be captured on every corner as the trees turn red, orange and golden. Well then winter is easily combated with warm cosy clothing, brisk walks and comfort food while you sit around a the fire. Marshmallows and hot chocolate, a rug a good book. Winter is not that bad at all really. Maybe just a time to take it a little easier and recharge ready for spring.

The Sugar Addiction

Not me I am thinking how could I have ended up with this sugar addition? Well yes I can not get enough especially at night with my evening drink. I cannot believe that I let this happen but I can see how it did really. Christmas , birthdays chocolate gifts and yummy desserts it doesn’t appear to actually take too much before you want more and more sweet stuff and on a regular basis. Just like anything is life really the more you have the more your want don’t you think?. But sugar is hard to beat. It can take days or even a couple of weeks to break the cycle and then that will only last until the next muffin, block of chocolate or packet of biscuits comes along. Too much temptation everywhere. I have heard that if you eat an olive when you crave something sweet then it takes out that craving but I am yet to find the strength to grab the olive jar instead of the biscuit jar.

I would love to hear your tips of beating the sugar craving. Any great ideas I could try out there ?


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