It’s not the end of the world if you can’t travel the world.


I am sure many of us wonder on occasion what life would be like now if we had swallowed our fear and taken off on a world journey when we were younger. Of course it just wasn’t always suitable at the time to drop everything and take off to work and travel the world just a no go for many of us.

Seeing family book a trip to Europe for 5 weeks has got me thinking. I guess there are two things if you find yourself getting a little older and you have missed out on overseas travel.

You can plan, save and still go or you can just say oh well and get on with living and accept you are never going to go on a large world trip and just cross it off your wish list.

I guess you have only a couple of choices here.

Gear up for a mid life OE

First Thing is that it may not be  too late to still go.

My mother and her friend backpacked around Europe in their 50’s They travelled on the cheap , slept on the trains and ferries on occasion and had the time of their lives. If you want to take your trip in  comfort you can save and book yourself onto an organized tour which is a good option if you are to go alone. It is not too late if you want to go and you are fit and keen then why  not. However as we get older this sort of travel needs to be set , planned and booked the sooner the better. You want to be active, get around easily and enjoy it.


Accept it is just not going to happen

and drop the thought. This could be where I am at Main reason being lack of finances  I have come up with  other ways of getting to know the world that I hope may fill the gap.

You could go on a virtual OEVirtual travel

Get to know the world without ever going on an OE  Pick a country and get to know it

  • Taste With cookbooks and recipes on line theme you meals for the country you have picked. Enjoy getting to know what they like to eat, what it tastes like and new ways with food. After all if you were travelling there you would be out doing similar with the local fair.
  • Enjoy a Wine or similar from the region.
  • Check out some of their music Spend some time listening to latest bands and music from the past from the country you are getting to know.
  • Watch documentaries on history, travel what ever you can find and you will get know a lot about the country of choice.
  • Check out the local fashion Look for fashion shows past and present. Browse local fashion websites to see what is happening in fashion.
  • Photos Browse over travel photos (enter country in search travel etc and click images)
  • Go Through Virtual Tours Online Museums often do virtual tours.
  • Collect an Antique or craft from the country you are getting to know.
  • Look for a blog of someone living and writing about their lifestyle in the country.
  • Learn some of the language Even a handful of words

Of course this is not going to give you the breath taking views or smells and atmosphere of the real deal but you also skip the expense, travel, headaches and illness that often comes with travel.

The good news for me anyway I may not be able to afford the big trip but small overseas trips are certainly in my view and I am already thinking of my next trip.


Travelling the world may be easier for some of you depending where you live. In NZ it is a long way to anywhere accept maybe the Pacific Islands an Australia. Some may find say a trip around Europe a lot  easier by having relatives to stay with and by living closer etc.

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