Pears and ApplesNatural Way to Ease Constipation

We All Suffer From Constipation from time to time. Women particularly suffer at times and it is good to have an easy and fast way of naturally finding relief through diet.

Certain diet in fact can sometimes be the cause with foods like sugars and breads causing IBS in some people. But for those who suffer with this condition you will know how uncomfortable and draining it can be.

The Remedy Apples and Pears take a couple of each and juice them up to a thick liquid for drinking. Then enjoy this fresh tasting juice when you first get up in the morning and or in the evening just before bed.

Pears are not only delicious but offer lots of good food value in nutrients, fibre, minerals and vitamins which are beneficial to the colon. Perfect partner with apples to cleanse and reliever constipation.


For Severe Constipation Add those trusty prunes into the mix. Prunes have been  used to relieve constipation for years. Add them to your breakfast too to help keep things ticking.

Other Considerations Drink lots of water. Always and another remedy you can try is juice up oranges. Include some of the skin packed with fibre and  just what you need to get you going.



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