My List Of Living Tips

My list of helpful everyday tips Living Tips



  • Housework how to make it easier  If you get into the habit of putting items away after using them and tidy the living room before going to bed then the house will stay more organized and easier to clean.
  • Save time with the washing Fold washing straight from clothesline or dryer then it is easy and fast load into the hot water cupboard or put away.
  • Help keep socks in pairs by hanging together on line and fold into each other when you take them off. (Solve the issue of ending up with 1 sock and no pairs)
  • Put away the iron  When buying new clothes look for materials that never need to be ironed and save this task for those odd occasions that pop up from time to time.
  • Shower dome   If you are able to put a shower dome in I can’t recommend them enough. Fantastic at keeping walls and ceiling in bathroom nice and dry. Helps prevent ceiling and wall mold.
  • Keep fridge in control l make a point just before rubbish day each week to check through the fridge and get rid of any food that is past it or leftovers that have been sitting for a couple days etc. I am lucky as the rubbish goes out on same day as payday so fridge is clean organized and ready for shopping
  • Clean cat and dogs dish daily Avoids smell, dried on food that is hard to clean off, stops  from attracting fly’s and keeps pet healthy and happy.
  • Do you wish you could afford tomatoes in winter  Buy tomatoes in bulk when they drop to their cheapest in summer and half them then freeze to use in cooking and especially for breakfast.
  • Save and freeze Capsicum as above when cheap buy big bags of them slice and freeze ready for pizza etc. If you see any  cheap freezable meat or produce at supermarket and you can load up and freeze away.
  • Helpful food shopping tips Don’t shop in a hurry, when you hungry, tired, without your glasses, use a list, buy produce in  season, look for lowest price, know what is on special, look at top of shelf and bottom these often hide the bargains. resist impulse buying.
  • Made the most from the internet Use the internet to your advantage when shopping for clothes and new items. Learn how to hunt for bargains, check prices and read reviews before buying anything including a car.
  • Use the garden to gain Make use of any garden space you have or try pots and grow as many edibles as you can from micro-greens, herbs, vegetables  to dwarf fruit trees you do not need a large area.
  • Planning a garden ? saving on future upkeep time  Put the time in to source plants that are easy to care for and won’t grow messy, huge  or out of control. A little time finding the perfect plant may save a ton of time down the track later.
  • Beat the boredom blues If you find yourself with too much time and little to do consider a free online course ( there are many) take up a craft, start a garden or look for a local club to join.
  • Use natures free inspiration with natures free up lifter. The 3 ways I love soaking up nature and clear  the mind is to go for a walk on a surf beach on a windy day and feel the wild power of nature or sit under a tree in the bush close you eyes and listen to the wind in the trees. Lastly I love to sit on the deck at night and just enjoy the moon and the stars. Even a walk in the park can give you a lift.
  • Buying new shoes Put your feet and comfort over looks if you have to. Unfortunately the  must have shoes are also bad for your feet. Also make sure they are easy to put on and take off.
  • Buying new clothes Think mix and match with a variety of colours so you can easily have a ready range  of outfits on hand.
  • Warm milk and honey to help you sleep at night.
  • Need a new bed but can’t afford one yet. Try a memory foam mattress topper or similar over your old mattress so you can get a good night sleep while saving for that new bed.
  • Sprinkle Crystallized Ginger over fresh fruit salad for an amazing yummy dessert. You can also add ginger to fruit crumble topping for extra zing.


New tips will be added here often to share with Womenz Space readers.


I am sure you also have some amazing helpful tips and ideas to  simplify everyday living. Comment and share.






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