coloring-book-for-adults-1396865_640Need a New Hobby?

Like to sit and draw? These Adults Coloring in books have been  selling like hot cakes.

This first came as a surprise to me but then With a little thought the hours I have enjoyed sitting and coloring in with the kids I now realise that it is understandable how adult coloring books have taken hold.

Actually it stands to reason that if painting is almost like a meditation then colouring in would be equally therapeutic .

The big question poses. Have you tried it.? And if you have do you enjoy this as a relaxing tune out pass time?

Adult Coloring In Books have taken off so much that the books are now available in a range of themes so there is almost certainly a book to get you started.

  • Nature
  • Animals
  • Flowers
  • Adventure
  • Adult Fairy Tales
  • Enchanted Forests
  • Oh and I have just seen some swear word ones. Beat the stress ???

Gosh it sounds like the return of childhood does it not? But really these books are not easy. If you have never seen one check them out at your local bookstore. I would expect they would have them or just look online.

Don’t rule them out as a gift idea.

Give an Adult Coloring In Book as a gift, to someone recovering from an illness or stuck laid  up at home or in hospital for hours with nothing to do. Take one on a long plane flight or keep one in the car for when you are just sitting around waiting to pick up the kids from sports. Or maybe sit at home and color in by the fire on those cold winter days. They are said to be really relaxing.

Take a walk through the Enchanted Forest . This lovely book available for a great price at Amazon. This book features hidden objects, mazes, castles and treasure.

Share Have you tried a coloring in book? Which one and how did you find it. Love to hear from you.

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