Ideas and Tips for Great Summer Feet

Summer Feet
Summer Feet

Enjoy Beautiful Feet With These Tips


I am sure many of you may scream with horror with this post.

Our feet are so often overlooked and totally neglected. Understandable really with out feet being locked away and hidden in shoes over the winter months. Tucked away in shoes can make them seem fragile and weak when exposed to the elements and over summer our feet can easily become dry and cracked so care is needed here and with a little TLC out feet can be fun and look fantastic in summer footwear.

When TLC is needed.

It is never too late to start looking after our feet and with a little focus and consistency you will be amazed how good they can look. So what will help?

Foot spa-  Here is a great place to start a regular pampering routine. Enjoy a foot spa once a week if you can and treat your feet. You can get some lovely foot spa products scented and relaxing to sooth your feet. Or try a little lavender or your favourite scented oil. This is also a good time to clip nails and  to remove nail polish in preparation for a fresh coat You can also try pumice to remove dry skin and smooth areas like the ankle and along the side of the foot. Using a foot spa on a regular basis is a good way of enforcing routine and care to your feet. The skin on out feet takes a beating and will need  lots of moisturizer.

Foot Spa Conair Waterfall Foot Spa.

Moisturizing Gel Socks.

I came across some moisturizing gel socks and I thought these look interesting.  You can get them with toes or with out toes and these are perfect for concentrated and targeted hydration for feet that are extremely dry. Excellent to follow up from your spa to really treat the feet. You can also get gloves for your hands. A great idea for an easy care option.

Gel Socks to treat your feet.

The above tips will help improve the look and skin on your feet especially if you set into a regular routine.For other tips that may help treat your feet you could.

  • Use shoes for comfort instead of looks.(you can get some nice looking comfort shoes)
  • Wear correct fitting shoes.
  • Get some massaging or gel soles and use them in your shoes including your running shoes and work shoes.

Natural Foot Care

Treat Your feet with Natural home made treatments. Find recipes to sooth common foot ailments.


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