Ideas and Tips For A Winning Cheese Platter

Cheese Platter
Cheese Platter

Looking at cheese platter ideas.


Are you looking to entertain and wondering how to present and offer appealing and tasty finger food to your guests. The cheese platter may just be what you need.

Such a great way of offering a range of different tastes and flavours and always enjoyed by guests.

Where to start with your Platter

Tips to Start.

Before we begin looking at different food ideas. Presenting your cheese platter in an effective way is a good start to success. The following is a list of ideas and dishes suited to platters that you could use as a base.

  • Large platters.
  • Large flat Dishes.
  • Sectioned dishes designed for chips and dip style food.
  • Chopping boards of natural wood, marble  glass or similar.
  • Small dishes for relish , olives etc Tip White Dishes make a great base.
  • Or be inventive and come up with your own unique idea. I have seen dessert served up on mirrors with Icing sugar sprinkled around the edge. Now that looked brilliant.

White dishes , art print dishes and Natural  wood look great with platters.


You have your dish or serving board and your ready to prepare your platter.

Ideas For a Top Platter to Offer your Guests.

  • Pickles and Relish  These always go down well. Seek out tasty preserves that offer a little zing. Perhaps with ginger, chilly, or Tropical fruit based. Taste them and be sure first that your pickles and relish have a great flavor.
  • Fruits in Season Enjoy the freshest fruits that are fresh local and in season for a great platter. Grapes, pineapples, strawberries and watermelon are often enjoyed this way.
  • Cheese This goes with out saying but you can offer a selection of different cheeses for you guests to try or if you are mindful of expense just a nice cheese sliced into say cracker size thin pieces will always be enjoyed.
  • Crisp Vegetable Sticks For a healthy alternative and crisp colourful look add sticks of Celery, Carrot , Capsicum, Cucumber, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Fresh beans from the garden or other Vegetables you have on hand fresh. Serve them with a yummy Onion Dip for tasty enjoyment.
  • A Selection of Crusty  Breads and Crackers You could also make home made cheese and herb straws to add home made interest.
  • Chips, Pretzels, corn chips etc are often added as an extra on a platter.
  • Olives, Dried Tomatoes, Sliced Pickles are always popular to offer and also add colour to your platter.
  • Dips and Hummus and Herbed oils. As with pickles these help make a very tasty platter and should be selection for their great flavour. You can get such a large variety at the shop and some taste better than others.
  • Smoked and shaved Meats and salmon Also work well with a platter.

These are some idea to add to your platter to make it yum and interesting. Other tips that may also try for presentation and interest.

Other Tips

  • Make your platter ordered and tidy.
  • Keep pickles, dips, hummus, meats and other oils or sauces well contained in nice small dishes on your platter so they don’t overflow and muck up other ingredients. This way you can easily refill and tidy the platter easily and spend more time enjoying time with guests.
  • Find a platter that is a talking point .eg made by a local artist or a dish or board that is a little unusual.
  • Add local produce, pickle, cheese etc to get the conversation flowing.
  • Remember first impressions hold the biggest impact. That is what your guests will remember so make you platter full and interesting.
  • Balance your platter with variety and color.
  • Decorate you platter with parsley , herbs or edible flowers for an extra fresh look.

Life is Fun With Friends. So get your friends around and enjoy time together with your amazing platter.


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