Why Grow Your Own Berries


Why it is worth growing Berries.

You can grow berries easily and with limited space.



delicious, yummy, visually appealing, antioxidant ,Vitamin C, fibre, …. Help slow ageing.


Berries-   Enjoy berries with breakfast, smoothies, cake , ice cream and desserts and yum with yoghurt


Blackberries, blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Boysenberries, Cranberries are some Berries that you can grow and enjoy in a small garden.

Growing your own.This is one way of saving on the food budget and enjoying your very own  spray  free food. You do not need a large garden to be able to enjoy your own berries.


I have found that growing Blackberries and Raspberries  incredible easy


I purchased two small thorn less plants in spring and put them in the garden by a trellis where there was filtered sun and wow they took off .The plants shoot out canes and you can spread them out like a climber on wire or a fence. It was amazing how quickly they grew ,then  all of a sudden I noticed lots of ripening fruit. It was incredible how much came from each plant and it was easy to pick the fruit as it was ready and just pop it in a container in the freezer until after a few weeks there was plenty of fruit ready to enjoy eating.


and it is satisfying to be able to enjoy yummy home made desserts with your own home grown berries.


You do not need a lot of room. Just a small area by a fence in dabbled shade will do. It is amazing how many berries you can get from  just one plant. Plenty enough for a couple of desserts so if you had a few plants you would be able to put a few 1 litre container fills in the freezer.

Tips that may help you get the most from your berries.

  • Check with your local garden centre to see what Berries you can grow.
  • Go for thornless if you can
  • The plants can take off a bit and sprawl out. They need a fence, trellis, wall
  • The runners will root into the ground, go to the neighbours and take off if you don’t keep an eye on them. and that is why thornless plants are easier to deal with.
  • Birds love the ripe berries. They will get to them first so you may find netting helpful at this stage.
  • Put ripe fruit straight into the freezer. You will soon have a container full.
  • Leave the fruit on the plant to ripen before picking.
  • If you do pick too soon try heating in a pot slightly with a little maple syrup before using.




Share Your Berry Tips Growing and Recipes











Issues you may encounter With Growing Raspberries / Blackberries

Best part about growing your own berries is that you know where they came from and that they are spray free. The most difficult side of growing berries is keeping the birds off the ripening fruit. You need to put netting over the plant as you get to the ripening up of fruit stage to keep birds off although they still find their way in. The canes can take off into the neighbours or to where you may not want them.  if the canes lay on the ground they may even take root

I have also read that you shouldn’t grow Berries in the same garden or area where you have grown Potatoes, Tomatoes, Peppers, Chillies, Eggplants.




It is fun growing your own food and growing berries is even ideal for somebody that is renting. With little fuss you can enjoy your very own fruit.

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