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Chive Flowers

Spring is in the air

Well at least it soon will be for us lucky ones that live down here in the Sothern Hemisphere. I am already feeling the urge to prepare pots and gardens for planting.

I have  decided this year to check out growing flowers on my deck in pots  that are not only colorful and nice to look at but also decorative and  can be safely eaten on salads and in summer dishes. In the past I have used nasturtium flowers for adding interest and color to salads but I had no idea that there is a large amount of common flowers that can be eaten.

Choosing Flower Plants That You Can Grow

Of course there are also flowers you must never eat. And every country will have different edible flowers. You just need to check online, ask your local garden shop or look for a local book on the subject to help you get started. I am all for edible gardens and enjoying home grown produce and this is just a step that takes gardening to a slightly different level.Because we have never commonly  eaten flowers, for many of us and our guests this could seem like a step outside the comfort zone. But it would be a shame not to try this beautiful resource that you may already even have in your garden.

Hanging Pot

Where To Start with growing tour own Edible Flowers

You have the idea now that growing edible flowers could be fun yet where do you begin?

3 Ideas to get you started with growing flowers for eating.

  • Pots and Planters- These plants will grow very well in containers and having them close on the deck or outside the door makes them handy for picking with the added value that they look amazing when in full bloom. Don’t forget the hanging garden as an option also.
  • Create a garden You could use a boarder similar as you would for a vegetable garden and plant a mix of herbs and flower plants that are especially planted for their flowers.
  • Within Existing Garden You could dot your plants around with in your existing garden but then he trick will be remembering which are the edible ones.

You may be surprised. After a little research about what edible flowers would be suited to grow and try in my garden I soon realised that I already have some growing. I have Rosemary and it has beautiful flowers at the moment. There are other herbs and Lavender. I also  have  citrus trees.

Important Guidelines and Rules To Follow To Be Safe

  1. Make sure you take care to only eat flowers that are edible. Check thoroughly first and be certain you have ID the plant correctly. There are lots of resources at your fingertips online to research and find recipes.
  2. Don’t eat flowers from sprayed plants or from gardens on road sides that you are not sure of.
  3. Eat the petals and not the stem or centre of flower.
  4. Eat in moderation. On special occasions, for decorating, special recipes and as a  special  treat.

My First Edible Flower Garden

I have decided to grow herbs so I can benefit from both the plant and give the flowers a try also. Since I already have Rosemary, chives  and lavender I already have a head start.

I already have the rosemary in flower so I have decided to give making rosemary flower butter a try.

There are a large selection of recipes online using flowers from cookies sugar flowers, butters, dressings, cakes and more.

Gardens are for enjoyment and enjoying home grown produce, fruit, herbs and flowers is a good way of getting the most from your garden.

Share Your Tips, Ideas and Recipes with us here by leaving a comment. Love to hear from you.


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