Have You Ever Wondered

about doing more with your photography than taking casual family or everyday outing and holiday photos.?

You may not realize that you have a flare for good photography until you actually set out to get some perfect shots. Taking photos can be a great hobby especially now with digital cameras that allow you to take many photos with out the expense of  wasting film which is how it was not so  long ago. It is actually easy for anyone to give photography ago now.

The options are endless to where your new hobby may take you whether it be capturing  amazing landscapes, water scenes, micro close ups ( which is great for flowers, plants and insects etc ), people, modern life, street life or what ever you turn your camera to.Lilly close up image

Its funny but I love beach, sea and river photography the best which is weird considering I am not fond of painting water scenes I would rather paint old ruins and the like. I also like to get close ups of flowers because they seem to make good subjects and I try to capture plants and flowers with the morning dew on them or raindrops.

If you take your camera out and just try to get a range of different images and play around with your camera’s settings you will soon find out what you like taking photo’s of the most. I started out taking arrange of similar photos while I got some quality exercise at the same time. I may have chosen the black and white setting and played with that for a day or just tried to capture reflections in glass or on water. It is actually fun and if it motivates you out for a walk then bonus I say.

Your Photos natural or photo shopped.

I have always tried to keep my images natural. Possible because I think of them as  wholesome or real photography but many people have made their mark by their photo shop talents and I do have to say I have seen some really amazing photos that way. Unreal but cool.

I do not rule out that I may seriously get into some imagination play with photo shop or similar one day but for now natural is in with me.

You have the gift now where to next?

You can easy load and keep your best photos on your computer. You can go forward and find a website where  you can load your photos onto and may even  make a little for each download should visitors to the site pay for your photo. You could do what I did and load photos onto a public domain site until you get your confidence up. After 10 thousand downloads you tend to feel ready to take it further.Tip save the best images  for down the track should you start a website show casing them or similar.

You could also get your photos stretched on canvas or printed on t shirts and sell them on a local auction site or at the local market.

I have put by best NZ scenic photos on a website.  Its was free to set a website up this way and it has no ongoing cost.You can view them by clicking the link below.

Follow your photography even further

Keen to go professional and learn more about your camera , about photography and maybe even looking to follow through with a  career taking photos. There are free and paid courses available to get you going down the right track and good on you. I wish you all the best.

Photography You can see more of my NZ scenic photography Click Here

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