women laptopMany Of Us Skipped Education To Bring Up Families. Does this sound familiar?

You now find yourself looking for employment but your CV and experience look blank. There are still many options and if you are finding it difficult getting a job or a good job that you like then why not add to that space on your CV with Certificates from your online training.

What Courses are out there? Actually it may be easier just to list what is not. When I started looking for online courses I was taken back with the quality and the massive list of Courses available. There are many good websites where you can find them and best of all you can find lots of free courses too.

The Universities even offer  training papers and courses for free. All at your fingertips.

Example Of Some Of The Courses You Could Try

  • Accounting- Start with Introduction then follow up with advanced.
  • Business Management- Train to start your own Business or for Employment.
  • Marketing- Online and off These skills widely sort after today.
  • Hospitality- Useful skills to follow up on.
  • Tourism- Fine work doing  what you love.
  • Sales Management- Learn to be successful.
  • Health and Safety- This could get you chosen over others. A great skill to have.

For Employment skills you would look for courses with Diploma and Certificates.

The above is just a very small list or what is available. When you start looking for a course for you to begin with you will be amazed at the selection.

Where To Find A Course To Start.

Run a search  eg “Online Courses With Diplomas”, “Free Online Course” :Business Training Online” etc .You will soon find a course you like the look of.

I have been working on  a Social Media Marketing Course at Alison.com I like this website. It has a lot of courses that you can do at your own pace.

Remember it’s never too late to get started.

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