I have finally realized I have a boot fetish and yes


I could be in serious danger of collecting gorgeous boots of all shapes, colours and sizes just like some of you out there collect shoes. It is one of those attractions, you soon know there is a problem when you find yourself  in the shoe department just peering and   wishing you could have a pair of each of the amazing boots. The same thing happens at the art gallery when I see view great art.. Oh Dear…

It has taken years to understand this fashion attraction but I was looking through some old photos the other day and it finally dawned  on me why I love boots so much.

Could there be a reason why I adore boots?

I thought about it and  then the penny dropped.

When I was a kid, about 7 I had some footwear. The kind that you just have to wear when ever you go out. Thing was family were all having  to wait while I put them on. why? well because my gorgeous light brown , shiny knee high boots  laced  right up the front to the knee with gold clasps.

You see I now remember these boots were my most treasured footwear and I just had to wear them.

I now  know why I love boots so much.

At Last a reason to enjoy winter

Wearing Boots could be the very reason to enjoy and even look forward to winter.

Along with the big thick warm jacket and cosy scarf of cause. But you can just get out in your boots can’t you and feel good in fashion. A good reason to get some nice winter skirts to enable you to show off that amazing footwear or you can tuck your firm fitting pants into them and pound the pavement in style.

The confidence footwear  I call it.

The perfect footwear for winter, great in the rain. Warm and comfortable Find  boots  in all shapes and sizes,  colours . Who could resist. With styles to suit every personality and heels high and low.

Boots can be found to fit in with any fashion image, from elegant , formal, casual, country or butch. Its all up to our fashion tastes and the image we like to portrait.

With a variety of heels low and high, to the ankle or up to the knee a great colour range and beautiful  shapes styles  and lines there are  boots out there to suit all of us.

Ankle boots look great with jeans, knee high boots look fantastic with skirts. Boots look good with jeans

I am sure that we all have at least one pair of boots or have had at some point in our lives but if you need some new winter footwear you may like to consider new boots. I believe now from an early age I was set for this type of footwear and its funny how I often manage to connect some things of today to early childhood.

Tip My tip with boots is to make sure they are easy to put on and take off. It did take me along time with my lace up boots when I was a kid to get ready.

If cost is your concern Think of checking out the shops towards the end of winter when they are often heavily reduced. I have seen boots at  The Warehouse in NZ at an amazing low price at the end of the season.



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