Why Not Find Your Fashion Look Your Way

Instead of following and trying to keep up with the trends is it not just easier to adopt a fashion look that you feel comfortable with. Maybe you have already done this well good for you.

We do not all have to follow everyone around like sheep that is the beauty of NZ , yes we do have lots of sheep but we can just do things  our own way.

I suggest that we all just wear what makes us feel comfortable and that way we will also feel a little more confident with in ourselves.

Here are some Tips in Finding the Right Fashion for you.

  • What look do You want? what makes you feel good. Do you like to look tidy, sophisticated or casual and ultra relaxed. Do you like to be colour coded? or does it just not matter to you. Once you sort these questions out it will be easier to shop for new outfits.
  • Do Some Colours Make you Feel Good? and bring in positive comments from friends and family. These could be the key to looking good and feeling great. My favourite colours are White , Cream , Brown , Purple and Black. Seems to me these choices work well for me so I go looking for these shades when buying new fashion. Get to know your colours.
  • Tunic Style or Short and Cropped. Really it is just a matter of choice. As I get older I tend to go for Tunic tops and dresses rather than short and tight fitting . I also love the fact that the tunic dress can  double up as a top over long pants in winter. You soon get to  know what style you prefer.
  • Sleeves , 3/4 , Singlet style. Again a choice to make. If you like the coolness of no sleeve but feel more comfortable with a little cover up you could look at having some cool summer jackets or thin 3/4 cotton cardies to wear while out and about.
  • Materials You may love wearing a certain type of material, pattern, knit like crochet etc. When you know what you like it makes it so much easier to go out and just look for fashions in these materials.
  • Shoes Can finish a look nicely or make an outfit  look out of sorts. How ever wearing comfortable, adaptable shoes that you are happy with is most important. Black, Cream and White shoes work in with lots of different colours. Lower wedge slip on’s can be comfortable to walk in and suit casual or more formal occasions.
  • Budget We can’t all be on a huge budget so for those of us  with a limited resource, learning to mix and match well our outfits is the way to variety. You soon learn for instance having versatile black pants that can be dressed up or down and matched with any top is valuable to have as an option.
  • Give Yourself a Day Visit a variety of shops and try a number of different styles on. I am sure one or two of them will just look great and feel good on . A great way of finding the fashion that is right for you.
The Colour for You

To Sum It up

Get to know what you like and look for it when shopping for fashion. If  you have favourite outfits then look for similar ones maybe a different material or colour but same style. If you do love wearing a particular colour then look for fashion in this colour to have clothes you love.

Get to know the accessories that you like and shopping for them will be so much easier.

Discover yourself and find the fashion that is right for you. If you feel right with what you are wearing you will be on the right track.


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