Trending Colors this Summer

decided to check out the trending colors this summer

You may have already discovered what colors are the pick for this summer or you may be like me and enjoy those colors that survive every summer. Colors that are made for bright summer days like lime green, pinks, mauve and jean blues.

Lets see what Colors have  risen to the top for Spring Fashion 2016.


Blue Fashion

Blue Shades are in.

This rich deep blue is in along with beautiful indigo blue, a more green-blue or Teal and also pastel blue


Blue looks great when worn with whites , creams , black, browns.

Pastel Blues

Blues, Blues and More Shades of Blue



Rich Pinky- Orange For Summer Fun

Coral, Pink Oranges

Its out there I guess orange comes in fashion on occasion but then vanishes again for some time before fun color comes back in to play. A great way  to enjoy summers fun.


To bring out summers zest in orange, corals and pinks. All looking great along side crisp white, creams and black.

Fiesta Vibrant Cross of red-orange



Peach, Coral look amazing for 2016 Summer Fashiontomsk-864106_640


Buttercup Yellow For Bright Summer Fun

Yellow Back In Fashion

 yellow 2016 womens fashionYellow comes and goes in fashion. Perhaps  not as often as other regular colors. A fun summer colour to wear. Looks great when worn with white, tan, cream, silver and black.


Now For a Little Glam in the 2016 pick we have Iced Coffee and

Lilac Grey Both of these colors are nice to wear and look fantastic for evenings



Summer Fashion
Iced Coffee Color Fashion

Other Colors In This Season

Soft Pink                                   Burgundy                                                  Soft Lemon

Burgundy For Summer
Pink Fashion

These are a show of Colors Trending at the moment. All look amazing and even fore so as summers colors. Love the Ice Coffee and Will check into the Grey Lilac for evening wear this season. Have always loved Burgundy as a winter color however and I have never really worn this color over the summer months so shell give it a go. Green is also trending and is worth a look.


What is your preferred Summer Color. Is it on the list this year?





















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