Do you like to write?

If you do then why not take up writing online either as a hobby interest or even as a sideline pocket money earner. If you are really good or have valuable   skills,  a craft, qualifications or extensive experience in a subject your writing could then even take over and replace your main income in time who knows where it may lead to.

Two tips  and ideas of how you  could get started.

Many people have no idea how to get started, after all life on our laptops can become a confusing timewaster sometimes especially when your computer  is not quite working how it should or when you get side trapped with  social media for hours viewing the good the bad and the tasteless dribble that often gets posted onto your feed. Yep we do just work our way through it blankly don’t we.

Would it not be more sensible to spend your time learning, helping others and creating your own articles while sharing your knowledge. There are some great free ways to get started either blogging or writing up pages. The sites I am going to note here are free and make it very easy to not only get started but  to teach you as you go adding photos and extras along the way. Who knows where this may lead. Maybe  to your own website in time as confidence grows.

If your keen you could start doing this today.

If you run a search for free blog you will get a number of keen sites wanting to help to get you started but I am going to share 2 sites that I first started to write on that worked well for me.  I first learnt about creating a blogger blog after doing a work from home course. I have created a few blogger blogs in the hope of earning my riches from home.  I have shut most of them down as I just did not have a lot of time to keep them updated. This is a great place to start if you are keen to learn about online writing. It can be fun to have a blog. This site  is easy to manage add photos, posts and pages. You can design backgrounds and be really creative. Similar to having your own website but it is not your own. The only negative I discovered is if you don’t follow the rules your blog can be taken down so you first just need to read what you can and can’t do and stick to the rules.

Good to note you can also limit who gets access to your blog if you just want to share with family and friends you can do that too.

Run a search for “start a blogger blog” and you will easily find the sign up page to begin.

Below is a link to my hobby blog that I started mainly so I could share NZ and my photography with readers.

My Kiwi Blog Check it out Here This is such a excellent place to start for anyone who just wants to share, write and mix with others who enjoy writing too..  A real community of writers from all levels and a great place to kick off your online skills. You can also enjoy and follow  other writers with many great articles and pages on a massive range of subjects and interests. Easy to get started. Add photos and products to articles while you create your own pages. This is a hugely valued online writing website with a massive writer base from all around the world.

I highly recommend this website for the keen writer. Free and you can start today.

Of course the risk is  as with anything online you may get drawn into spending too much time which is easy to do. This is the trap many of us fall into.

Time management is the key.

Share you online writing tips with other readers that find their way here.


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