Educational Gift Ideas For Kids

3D Puzzle
3D Puzzle

Gifts That Inspire

For Kids when you are looking for a gift that gives so much more.

Sometimes you are reluctant to buy gifts when you know that they are really just  plastic junk for your kids or grand children but the pressure of Christmas , budget consideration and time pressure often win out and so we end up buying gifts that are a little trashy and often these. usually  plastic items don’t even last Christmas Day out before they break. So what can we do?

Think Quality, Think Useful, Think Educational  and this may help you to stay focused and find a special gift that offers knowledge and hours of entertainment.


Lets look at some ideas to consider when looking for gifts this Christmas.


  • Puzzles Get the mind going there are a range of great puzzles out there to keep the kids entertained for hours. From wooden block puzzles, to metal hoops that interlock to 3D puzzles  to build up that offer hours of entertainment.metal-puzzle-639937_640
  • Scientific Unlock the curious mind with a science themed gift. There are many different options here with some great sets with microscopes  and accessories  so kids can set up their own mini lab and try fun experiments.
  • Solar Teach the kids all about using the sun and solar while they have hours of fun from cars to robots there are lots of choices for a great educational gift.
  • Electrical Sets Remote control kits DIY and learning about lights, motors, radios  and more even building robots There are lots of different options available here. You may even  end up with a budding electrical wiz in the family.
  • Geology From growing crystals to learning about rocks, minerals and fossils or finding and  tumbling stones which could then lead onto jewellery making. There are also some fun volcano sets that kids love.
  • DIY Build Kits Kids home build sets from tool boxes to bird feeders. Kids can  learn about tools and wood to spark their interest and inspire future projects.
  • Astronomy From Telescopes to books on the planets and stars this is a great gift idea. From planetariums to glow in the dark ceiling and wall stickers with stars and planets and 3D sets to bring the world of astronomy alive.
  • Art and Drawing To get the creative juices flowing their are many different art sets, materials and book. From  paints, glitter pens, stamps and stencils. Ceramic and T shirt painting. and so much more The artist starts here.
  • Sewing Knitting and Crochet An excellent way to learn skills in fashion and home dress making. Lots of great  kits and projects available for the perfect gift.
  • Jewellery Beads and jewellery making are always popular and with so many sets to choose from gift buying becomes easy.
  • Models Planes, cars, ships, rockets, robots there is certainly one suited to keep every child happy.toy-470173_640


Other Ideas

Non Fiction Books, Magazines, Games and Software, Gift Experience.or lessons.

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