Young Lemon Tree In Painted Pot
Young Lemon Tree In Painted Pot

Making The Most of Your Garden Space


Can be challenging at times. Especially if you have an extra small garden. You may like to have home grown treats, fruits, herbs and veges but the area you have to work with really does not allow for growing fruit trees or for putting  a large edible garden in.


The Good news is if you have room for a couple of good sized pots either on a deck, on a step or by a pathway. You can grow your own fruit trees.

Some Fruit Trees grow well in pots.

Lemons, lime, mandarin, fig, miniature fruit trees, tamarillo,(tree tomato) grapes, feijoa, olive are just a few you could try.

Tips to help you  get started

Decide what Fruit plant you really want to grow.

Decide first what you may like to grow. Do  a little research. Make sure the plants that you choose grow well in your area and check to see what conditions  suit  the plant that you have chosen for example lots sun, shade or a little of both. Sheltered from the wind etc.

Find the perfect pot.

Once you have decided on the plant that you want. The next thing that you will need is a suitable pot. You want a pot that allows a little room to grow it is also nice to have an attractive pot.  as your plant can also double up as a bit of a feature on the porch or by the entrance.

Use a healthy garden mix

It is worthwhile spending a little extra making sure your plant is comfortable happy and healthy. Investing in a good container mix and little mulch will give your fruit tree a good start.

Top up from time to time with a rich mix of compos and mix.

Water Me

In the heat of summer don’t forget to offer your plant a drink a couple of times per week and or when the plant is looking sad and the soil is too dry.

Feed Me

Gather some dried seaweed from the beach , soak in water and use a little liquid in the watering can as you water or try sheep pellets or similar from time to time for a natural  boost.

Enjoy growing your own fruit

I have a Lime tree, a Fig tree, a Blackboy Peach, a Granny Smith and a Feijoa  growing in pots. With a small section I feel it is worth including edibles around the garden.

Actually growing edibles around the garden  is fun and you could say addictive.


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