Gemstone PendantDo You Have Nice Jewellery On Your Wish List ? Have you ever consider Quartz Crystal with its natural beauty.

There are many reasons why Quartz is a good choice for a beautiful accessory. Lets check some out.

I love  Quartz Gems Stones because

  • Gems come in a large range of colors and there is one to match  each of your Fashion Garments.
  • The lustre and vibrancy of the stones are amazing.
  • You have the fun of collecting the quartz that you like,
  • They are a gift from Nature. Real and not fake.gemstone-665708_640


These are the reasons that I love Gemstones.

Of course there are reasons others like to wear gem stones  and have them in their house.

They are  said to have individual health benefits. Balancing , calming, attracting wealth etc.

Perhaps the most important of all is that we can all afford to collect Gemstone pendants. You can easily purchase them online. on specialist jewelry sites or auction sites. And so luckily we can all enjoy them everyday.

Tip- When you are looking to buy these pendants I have found it is important to make sure they are on a quality clasp. Stirling Silver or the likes so they keep looking like new and don’t tarnish.

If you think that you may enjoy collecting Gem Stones. Start with a good Book so can easily decide what to look for next and also read up on where they come from and their Health benefits etc .There  are lots of great books out there.

The Crystal Bible By Judy Hall is a great Crystal Book. I was given a copy for a Birthday Present and so my Collection begun. I still have many to get but I love wearing them.


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