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In the age of the internet starting up new hobbies has become so much easier and collecting  old antiques and vintage items is out  there for all to access and on any budget. Who knows you may even stumble on a real bargain or find over time your collection is a really good investment. Old Jewellery  is  a great item to collect. Old jewellery is on offer  to purchase in large quantities and of a huge range of styles .It is beautiful , has a large variety in materials shapes and colours and  so is easy to make a choice in what you wish to collect. There is so much jewellery offered for sale and up for auction that you can look at collecting what you like the look of, or specialize in a material , country or theme like animals or flowers. You could chase down old signed jewellery or just play the auctions  as you look to score a bargain.

Tip don’t just jump in but browse beautiful old antique jewellery first until you have an idea of a theme that interests you.

Here is some ideas of what you could collect.

  • Brooches and Pins  Have to be the top of my list because there are just so many of them and they are amazingly beautiful.  You could look for brooches all made by the same designer or go for particular materials like gemstone, amber, jet, shell, agate and more.. There are many amazing animal, insect or flower brooches you may choose to collect and they all come in a range of materials and styles.
  • Bangles  and bracelets There are some amazing bangles and these may be fun to collect. There are also lots of bakelite and enamel bangles from time gone past so there is a range of colours and even carved  shell and natural materials. Perhaps the plus to collecting bangles is that you may enjoy wearing them from time to time maybe more than you would the brooch.
  • Pendants. Collecting pendants could be fun. Again these are out there in a range of different colours, materials, shapes  and designs. From cameos to lockets this could be what interests you to kick start your collection.
  • Rings Why not collect rings. There are some beautiful vintage and antique rings just waiting to be collected. These may prove a more expensive choice to collect however.
  • Earrings These are quite cool in a way. It is great to find a pair that have survived in tact with their beauty and often come in a set with a matching Pendant..

You could collect animals, insects, birds, flowers, natural   materials, signed by,  particular gemstone or other themed material, by  date, by country, or just what you fancy.  That’s the beauty of collecting, the choice is yours to make. Where to begin You could start by checking out your favourite online auction site. Go to antiques and search jewellery  for antique, vintage or  old brooch ,  what ever narrows down your search to just what you seek. If you are on  a really low budget start with the lower priced option and you may see a piece  that you really like. Keep and eye on the postage amount though.  You could also look at old markets, antique shops garage sales or anywhere you may find a range of old jewellery. I always look on eBay and Trademe because these are the sites I am familiar with . I find eBay has a much broader international range to choose from which can be good when you are collecting. I also recently found a good website  Collectors Weekly, which lists eBay  auctions but makes the search easier. You could check it out. note I have no connection to this website. I am also  not an affiliate to them or anything I just really like the fact that with this  website  the search is enjoyable and easy. You may like it too.

Check it out Here is a link.

A Range of Values. Naturally you would be hoping that your collection would have some value yet you may need to invest in higher priced items to truly have a valuable collection.  You may  have an eye for a bargain or just get lucky and choose  to collect what  increases in value over time. There is a huge amount of costume jewellery available out there some of value and some not. Putting in a little time to research what could be more valuable now and in the future could be wise before you get started.

Keep your collection nice. It would be a good idea to find a nice jewellery  box or similar so you can keep your collection secure and dust free.  You could also keep a small collection in the china cabinet. It is also a great idea to keep a small note book with details of each one  as described on purchase so you have easy reference should you decide to get an item valued or  sell down the track.


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