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CC Cream Review

I have discovered CC Cream

Perhaps I came across CC cream a little later than some but I am glad I have given it a try. You can read my 3 week review below.

I was looking for a skin cream for my face that I could apply each morning quickly sort of one step and go. A skin care that would not only help to moisturize and to protect from sun but also fade, disguise, improve my wrinkles or better still make them magically disappear. So I picked up some CC cream it was not expensive and I really like using it. I feel like it is really making a difference.


How can using CC Cream do to  help you?

  • Even up skin tone and smooth over redness.( CC for colour correct, color control.)
  • Tinted Moisturiser offering a mild foundation.
  • Sunscreen SPF
  • Improve skin over time.

This is a bases to what CC creams claim to do how ever as is with anything a little easy research and review reading first will help you find the one for you.

BB,CC + ??? What is the difference with these creams.

The idea for these creams is their all in one with moisturising,  color correcting , tinting and sunscreen as well. But what is the difference?

BB- Beauty Balm More a gentle lighter foundation cover with other skin benefits restoring skin and moisturising and SPF its  heavier and more oily than CC

CC-   Color Correction Very much like BB cream but more focus on covering up redness, marks and improving wrinkles and over all  tone. Like BB it nourishes the skin and moisturisers and has SPF. More of a light matted finish instead of oily like BB cream..

It is always a help to see how others have found a product. I have written a review for a CC cream that I have been trying now for 3 weeks.

See my review below.


Olay Regenerist Complexion Corrector Review


I have been using Olay’s CC for 3 week now and I am very happy with the results.

I use this each morning and sometimes again late afternoon.

I find it easy, fast  and nice to apply. I also believe it has made a difference to my skin and it has improved my over all look and I do feel that my wrinkles are less noticeable than they were when I first began using it. This in itself encourages me to continue with its use.  It also has made me keen to try some  other products that Olay has to offer.

The sun SPF is only 15 so I would not rely solely on this for sun protection alone.

I can not compare this to other CC products as I have not tried them. But this one gets the thumbs up from me.

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Olay CC Cream Total Effects


A nice easy to apply color correction and moisturizer. Easy and fast to apply. Help blend cover of red patchy skin and improve skin look and wrinkles.

Read my review above for how I found this product.










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