Looking For the Ultimate Gift

You know how sometimes you come up with an idea that

just seems to make sense.

My latest brain wave  is no different and although I came by this notion while preparing to attend a special wedding and after sinking into a world of thought, I decided here is a great idea for my next post

Now when you look back at all of the many gifts you have purchased in the past can you think of one that wasn’t just a fast and easy fix for an occasion. Lots of shiny wrapping with a cheap bottle of hand cream or another pair of socks?  We all want our friends to have something special to unwrap for the occasion but what if you gave  a special gift that may be worth something either now or down the track.

The Gift

Here is my first and original thought that first sowed the seed in my head of giving a more meaningful gift and one with a chance of actually increasing in value over time. I was thinking of what would make a great wedding present and while looking for ideas I found myself looking at large vases and in turn this moved on to art vases and signed work , plates and vases. So there it was. I will never look at gift buying in the same light.
Find a gift that has meaning, value and long term gain.

This could even be a savvy plan to adopt for yourself

For instance

I was looking for a nice set of jewellery to wear to an evening dinner party. I started first looking for a new shiny set. Not overly expensive but just something really nice that would work in well with my dress. Then somehow  I found myself looking at some of the amazing old jewellery on eBay and this  got me wondering if it would be worth me looking for a nice antique set that is in excellent condition so that I not only had a special accessory to wear out but also perhaps an investment for the future. There is a huge range of amazing vintage and antique jewellery on eBay  and it is a good place to look.

Tip-  If you do purchase from an auction site be mindful of postage and first check the sellers feedback to avoid getting caught up  with a bad seller. Although in saying that I have found eBay extremely good and they look after those who purchase on their website should an auction go astray.

Here is a list of ideas for gifts that may have the chance to gain in value in the future.

  • Art Seek out local artists or look for some old artworks by national or international artists. Limited additions, scenes of interest to the person you are gifting too are good to look for.
  • Glass Art Signed vases, plates and jewellery, paper weights  all make nice gifts.art glass
  • Pottery Signed by a local or international potter. You can get some amazing casserole dishes or sets.
  • Antique Jewellery You can get signed or sets in a range of materials. You would want to find jewellery that in immaculate condition for giving.
  • Bonsai Tree or even a potted palm can become more valuable as they grow.
  • Uncirculated Coins Can be cool to give and you could look for a special coin of the year someone is born or purchase a limited edition set of coins. Even give a few different old coins in a nice collecting tin for something special.
  • Signed First Edition Books A special gift  for the book worm.
  • Old Boxed Sets Complete and in good condition Silver cutlery , jewellery, Old toy cars for the car enthusiasts.
  • Old Vinyl Records Re live the musical past.

The idea is to look for items that are in top condition and of which should also increase in value over time. I am sure you would come up with some great ideas that would be suited to whom you are buying the gifts for.

Add Your thoughts and share with readers  here. How could you make present  buying easier more special and with the chance of future value. Add your ideas. Would you be happy being given a gift from the past?




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