In some countries for many people home ownership invades everyday thoughts

leaving people feeling left out and helpless to live their dream of owning their own home when prices are out of reach. I have seen this first hand and having been on both sides of the fence I now realise the good the bad and the ugly of both these lifestyles.

I though it would be good to point out the good side of renting and some ideas for making your rental a home.


When renting is better than owning a home.

  • So the plumbing has  sprung a leak, The oven won’t go, The roof  tiles came off in a storm. This is the start of a list that go’s on and on and if you are renting then the cost of many ongoing repairs, that can run into the hundred or even thousands ,  are not your worry.
  • When you own a home the insurance weekly bill is a big chunk from your income and  that is on the side of  mortgage  and rates.  It really can be  expensive.
  • When you buy a house and borrow the money to do it. You have really taken on  a large amount of dept. You also become tied to this and although you may love the fact that you own your home you may find yourself a prisoner in it if you have little money left over to get out and enjoy life.
  • Renting can work out a cheaper option and less risky. Many people are taking out extremely large mortgages these days and if the price of houses plummet  it can be a stressful time if you have over extended.
  • In a natural disaster if you are renting you can just move on. If you own a house and it is in a mess and badly damaged then your in for a very stressful time of it.1335-1243917744rdYw


Living Life and Happily Renting.

If you are renting then take your life off hold and start enjoying yourself. Don’t just reside in your rental while you are there make it a  real home. it is your home because while you are there living in it, it is your space. It is the people that make a home…


  • Take pride in your place. Keep it clean and tidy. Decorate your space with throws, cushions, pictures and nice furnishings,  make it yours just how you like it.
  • Gardens are still fun when you rent. Put time into growing veges, grow flowers in pots and even dwarf fruit trees will grow in pots so then you can take them with you if you find a better house somewhere else.
  • Be good to your land lord and he/she will probable look after you. If you look after the place and keep it looking nice. More than often they will want to keep you there and won’t  increase the rent when others do.

Where ever you are make the most from what you have. Life is just too short to worry.

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