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Looking for ideas to enhance your life ?

A way to enjoy some “You Time”.

You may have enjoyed sports at school or have attended a night course here and there but then  the kids came along  and your free time went out the window. Now  suddenly the kids are gone and you are left with an empty space to fill. This is a good time to take up  a new  interest or join a club to enjoy, meet new friends  and have some value time to yourself.

Living in NZ I will be checking out some ideas that are available locally. You could research your local area for groups, and clubs available to you.

The sporty List of ideas

  • Tennis This is a great way to meet new friends while getting weekly exercise. You may like to play for fun and fitness or join a club and become more serious it is up to you. You could check out clubs in your area to look at joining. They also often have open days that you could go along to.
  • Table Tennis can also be fun. Look to see if there is a club  in your area.
  • Pool This is very social and popular. The local RSA is a good place to start.
  • Outdoor Bowls Often associated with older players but now has become increasingly  popular with younger people. Also a very social game and one that may involve a lot of time and weekends. The clubs often have an open day so you could give it a try.
  • Walking and Tramping There are usually groups and clubs  in your area that you can join up with. You could also merge your love of photography in with this new past time.
  • Rowing There are a number of rowing teams around that may be looking for keen people to join.
  • Sailing Some of the local sailing clubs have been known to open up to newcomers who are keen to learn to sail.
  • Fishing Women like fishing too and there are women’s fishing clubs that are popular.
  • Golf  Do the rounds at the local club and see if golf is the game for you. I have heard it can be expensive to take up but could be for you. You could look for second hand clubs.

Arts and Craft Ideas.

  • Painting is not only relaxing but a great way to get out and express yourself. With a touch of inspiration from others in your club this is a good way to get started on a new hobby or become serious and paint to share and enter into competitions and exhibitions. Acrylic, oils or water colour the choice is yours.
  • Crafts  Jewellery making including glass work, pottery, stain glass, flax weaving and so much more. Look for local craft clubs  in your area and get going.
  • Music and Singing Hook up with the local choir or share your joy of music by playing your instrument in the local town band. An excellent way to express yourself.The singing past time
  • Photography This group love to take photos and have fun competitions to help spur on your flare with digital photography. Lots of fun.
  • Dancing Get fit and enjoy dance and music at the same time. Look to see what is available in your area. Some dances like Salsa are more fun with a partner.
  • Yoga   This is so popular as many more are taking up a regular  group meet.

Follow your Eco Dream

  • Get Gardening while meeting others with the same love for nature. Specialize in a particular plant or help  the local area get rid of nasty weeds or join volunteer groups and plant trees.
  • Look for local groups like Green Peace and help make positive changes.

Other Ideas

  • Include the dog make changes and enjoy time with your dog at obedience classes .  There groups usually meet weekly and   this also helps your pet relate to other dogs which makes time in the park and walking a lot easier and more relaxing for both of you.
  • Bingo, Cards and similar clubs are great for socializing and are not too physical and a great way to get out and meet others.
  • Night courses and learning groups this is another great way to get out of the house, socialize but with the bonus of also learning a new skill. This could also be learning another language art ,cooking or craft..
  • Cooking Class You have to love this one. Bring your newly learned skills home to enjoy and share with the household.
  • Support Local Services and support groups. Fire Brigade, St Johns, Red Cross.. There is a long list of groups that require volunteer support and would like you to join up and help them.Stepping out to Volunteer

Making that first step

This is  the hard part. You have found a club you would like to check out so what is the next move. You could start by ringing or emailing the club to find out  when their next meet is and if they would be willing to have you join in to find out what it is all about and to also look into whether you would like to join. By contacting first this makes it easier to roll up and they will be expecting you and ready to offer information and to welcome you to the group

You need to first meet at the club or group  then decide if you wish to continue and if it is for you and also what  costs and equipment you may need to continue forward.

Make your club a reality If you have a new club idea  You could even start up your own club. You could see how much interest and find interested members through local social media pages, sending around flyers or pinning a note on the local notice boards outside the supermarkets.

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