Beautiful Emerald May Birthstone



Beautiful Emeralds.

Emerald Birth stone for May Emeralds for everyone. Why not wear  these gorgeous green stones. They can come in a range of shades and look good set in gold or silver. The most valuable of all the green gemstones. If you are born in May you are onto a winner an can wear the Emerald with pride. The deeper  the green  the more prized for this beauty.


Emeralds that are natural, made in nature,  are rare and expensive compared to the synthetic emeralds. that are made in the lab. The lab produced emeralds mimic natures method although a lot faster so they can create many emeralds quickly for the market. I will say after searching jewellery with Natural Emeralds they seem perfectly affordable so it may pay to shop around a little first . emerald-swallowtail-70419_640


Natural Emeralds often have weakness in lines and flaws. Synthetic Emeralds are widely used in Jewellery. They are crisp clear and strong and ideal for jewellery making..

Looking For Emerald in Nature may be a little like looking for a Needle in a Haystack unless you know where to look I guess but what if the Emerald is large.

There have been some very big Emeralds found.

Some very large emeralds found.

The “Teodora”  ( Gift from God) was found in Brazil. It Weighs in at 11.5 kgs, now that is big. Worth over a Million..Wow

The “Bahia”  Weighs in at 840 pounds and has been called the 400 million dollar Emerald. Found in Brazil 2001.

A large Emerald was found in North Carolina in 2009. the crystal  was 310 carats.  Called the “Carolina Emperor.”  Sadly the man who discovered this Emerald, Terry Ledford, died when a hole collapsed as he was looking for Emeralds in.2014.


Famed In History

The Emerald Tablet


An ancient artifact made out of one piece of green gemstone and with a deep spiritual code to  another conscious level. Maybe the secrets of the Universe or more.  It is an ancient on going mystery of its correct origin and age..


Wearing Beautiful Emerald Jewellery.

Emeralds and beautiful with their rich green color. Brings you into the pureness of Nature and it does not matter if you are born in May or not you can wear Emeralds and enjoy them.






















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