Choosing a Women’s Purse

What Does Your Purse Say About You?


Do you have  one sole  purse that you carry no matter what the occasion? or has the purse become your obsession and  are you working on a colorful collection so that you are always Fashion and Color coded.?

What ever your style the Purse is perhaps one of the most important accessories we have.

We all deserve to have a nice purse that we love . It makes a statement all by itself. I have been a little taken back standing next to women at the checkout when they pull out an old purse that is struggling to hold the stitching together Either some people love their purses so much that they can’t part with them even when the leather is peeling away or they just haven’t been able to find another purse they like or have had no time to even look.

The Purse and Your Personality

Do you have that fun personality that loves bright color and cute pictures or do you love the rich glam style that looks great day or night? Lucky we are all different and it is great that there are so many  purse styles to meet all of our lives.

Clean Lines Perhaps you are a tidy and organized person.

Home Made Could you be an Arty and Crafty Sole?

Sparkly With Lots Bling Maybe you like the glamourous side or life.

Showing wear From Loyal Long Service. Do you treasure what you have?


White Womens Purse
White Women’s Purse


What’s Important Really.

This is my opinion only but to me a purse has to look good Size is really important if you have a small handbag.

Colour needs to blend in or work with  anything, my view only. Then you need to be able to carry all your store cards and have good room for what you are wanting to carry with in it and you need to be happy with the fastenings as well. Price is not overly important. You can usually easily tell if an item is of ok quality and is going to last the distance when you look at  it   before you purchase.

What if buying on line well that is always the risk you take but I have purchased low cost purses before and really they have been fine. Read reviews if there are some.

The Purse- A fun , personal and very important fashion item.

Is it time to shop purse?

Be Ready and consider

What are you looking for while out shopping for a new purse.

Shop Color, Size, Occasion, Material, Price all these things  go into factor. It all comes down to individuality.


Going With Home Made.

Add your own touch with a little home made

I have found a really cool website that I would love to share with you. I am not connected or affiliated with this site in anyway. I just stumbled upon it and if you love home crafts, sewing etc then may like to check this out. It’s called Allfreesewing Click Here


Get Crafty With Books

Here is another fun way of trying new crafts from home. Look for a book at the local library a great holiday project. You can make some amazing purses with beautiful materials, gems and beads.

You may like to check out the following

Ebook  on making Victorian Bead Purses
Click Here!

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