Daily Makeup Routine

Looking Good With Your Daily Makeup Routine


Having Great Skin First things first the best thing you can do for your skin from what I have read is to drink lots water, eat a healthy diet that is packed with vitamins and  a diet  of which includes Omega3 oils. Use sunscreen and prevent too much sun exposure.

Once You have the canvas right it is time to decorate.

You can follow this routine with your choice of preferred makeup brands and shades for the Natural look just go with neutral shades that blend in to your natural skin.

Enjoy the natural look for daytime and add a little color during the evenings it  is really up to you. I love the Natural look and this look is becoming more popular today but it really is what you like.

Tip- Always start with a freshly washed and moisturized skin.Go for a clean and Hydrated base.

Concealer The idea is  to first cover up any marks or blemishes to give a clear even canvas to   follow up with   your make up application.


Foundation Stands to reason you need the perfect foundation that matches your skin, stays on for a long time.and leaves you with a perfect natural looking , blemish free skin tone..  You want your skin tone to look smooth and natural. Use a sponge to get an even look and full cover.You need to choose a color as close to your natural skin tone as possible.Give a few minutes to dry.


3  Powder Powder will help hold the foundation and help set it for  endurance over the day. Again your foundation need to blend in with the color of the foundation to keep the natural look.


4  Blush  Again you are looking for your skin tone or close and a good makeup brush. Use  sparingly for an even light cover with a little more high on the cheek bones for a natural looking glow.


5  Eye Shadow.Trick is to choose colors to enhance your own eye color. Again for the Natural look you would choose skin shade colors. You may also like to blend color with the outfit you are going to wear. It pays to have a range of colors so you can choose on the day. Some of us find anything around the eye can irritate and make the eyes uncomfortable and itching. If this is you. Try a Hypoallergenic eye shadow and see if this solves that issue.


6  Lipstick To finish off this routine apply your choice in lipstick. For a good clean finish start by using a lip pencil first. Use quality lipsticks with sun protection and moisturizer to keep your lips in top condition.

This is a basic routine for day time makeup. For those who do not wish to spend hours in the morning preparing but enjoy wearing makeup and enhancing their looks. For the natural look you would choose all  natural tones the color of your skin or a colors very close to it. Natural , nude earthy tones.

Tip- Watch you tube videos to learn how to put makeup on like a professional.

There are lots of free videos that you can easily access online to view application and get some very good tips from to help you to enjoy wearing make up.



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