Tips To Include Exercise Into Your Day

Walking Stairs Exercise

When it comes to exercise sometimes its all about just having enough time.    As Women our lives are packed and busy already and a complete fitness plan is too much to even consider so we think about  it  sometimes and feel a little  guilty  ,  but that is as far as it gets.

In this case the thought does not  count.

A little regular extra action here and there  is what we need. So what can we do in the day during our normal routine to increase exercise to help make a difference to our fitness.?


What can we do.  woman-walking-2

We are all different ages and levels of fitness, and health so anything we do to increase movement and exercise slightly from where we are at the moment will be an improvement. The point is to increase a little at a time during the day to make a difference.

5 Ways To Add Exercise To Your Day


  • Driving to the shop or into town?. Park further away than you usually would and enjoy the walk. Do this regularly its a great way to slip in more exercise..
  • Already out walking each day. Change your usual route and make it a little further and or walk the route with a hill instead of on the flat.
  • 3   At work walk some of the stairs instead of taking the lift all the way.
  • Home all day? Sitting around and feeling unfit? Motivation gone? Regular small steps will get you going again. Do the washing in half loads on different days so you walk to the line.Check the mail every day even when you know there is none. Set yourself one cleaning task daily. (any movements good movement)
  • Keep the kids occupied with a game of cricket, walk in the park, or anything more active than sitting at home. The kids will thank you for it one day.

By doing a little extra each day you will be amazed how your motivation will increase, you will feel fitter and more active.

Tip Drink more water too throughout the day. This gives you a natural boost.





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