present-307984_640It is nice to feel confident that the Gift you are about to give will be well received.

We all want to enjoy the experience of gift giving. That is why we need to put some effort into finding the perfect gift. There are lots of ways to find a gift that is just right,  yet we often come up stumped when the time comes and don’t really have any idea.

It is not the price that counts.

It is not the size that counts


It really comes down to the thought behind the gift and how you present it.. These things alone can make all the difference.

5 Ideas For Making Your Gift a WinnerGift

  • Put some thought into the gift before going out to shop. Imagine you are the person that you are buying it for. What do you like? Are you into a sport or hobby?. Do you  love to garden?  Love animals? Maybe you are keen on health and orgaincs. By thinking of the person you can often come up with the  perfect gift.
  • Still stuck for an idea. Think of looking at locally made products. These can hold a special essence and often prove to be real winners.
  • A popular gift is a gift that keeps on giving. A magazine subscription or a potted Orchard  or pot plant. Even a small fruit tree can make a great gift. Your will be remembered and thanked on every harvest.
  • Put time and effort into presentation. Wrap your gift with some amazing gift wrap, ribbons and a beautiful card.
  • Set the scene. Enjoy gift giving in a nice setting. Over lunch or a surprise gathering. It all helps to make the occasion extra special.


Nothing Beats Homemade.



Another Gift that has always proved popular is the homemade gift. There is nothing nicer that receiving something that has been especially made for you or even a Bouquet of flowers home grown in the garden.

When all else has failed

When you have searched far and wide yet still cannot come up with that perfect gift it may be time to resort to a gift card. These have become extremely popular.


To Succeed Avoid

Don’t leave shopping for a gift to the last minute. Giving the gift in plain packaging or a paper bag dampens the occasion. Re gifting is maybe not such a good idea.

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